‘Deadly Love’: When love is fake and truth is fatal

July 9, 2023 Ian F. Fariñas 286 views

What if everything you thought was real about the people you love is actually fake? And knowing the truth is fatal…

Deadly Love, a six-part series from the international award-winning director Derick Cabrido (Clarita, Children’s Show, U-Turn), is guaranteed to suck you into the mystery and mayhem surrounding the life of Tessa, a sheltered rural girl, played by Louise delos Reyes.

Tessa is giddy in love with Amir (Marco Gumabao) and finally introduces him as her boyfriend to her father Julio (Raffy Tejada) and mother Marga (Cannes Film Festival Best Actress Jaclyn Jose), who seem very protective of her.

Not long after, Amir goes missing.

Benjo (McCoy De Leon), the policeman assigned to the case, then tells Tessa his devastating discovery: Her parents are using fake names and they used to be hired killers.

Now, their former boss wants them killed, and they suspect that Amir is the one tasked to pursue them. It’s most likely that they got to him first.

Tessa refuses to believe that Amir is dead.

With or without Benjo’s help, she’s determined to find Amir and save him from her parents. But Benjo now considers Amir a rival for Tessa’s love.

Amidst all the secrets and lies, whom can Tessa trust? Is she really safe with Benjo? Was she ever truly loved by Amir? Must she condemn or forgive Julio and Marga? And if they are indeed her parents, with their blood running through her veins, is she also capable of taking someone’s life?

Deadly Love also stars Simon Ibarra, Arvic Tan, Bob Jbeili, Andrew Muhlach, Pamela Ortiz and Harriette Damole.

It is written and created by Enrico Santos.

Find out the bloody truth.

Catch the premiere of Deadly Love starting today, July 10, on Viva One, with fresh episodes every Monday.