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De Lima on 3-day medical furlough, tests negative for COVID-19

April 24, 2021 People's Tonight 237 views

CNN Philippines – Sen. Leila de Lima on Saturday began her three-day medical furlough at the Manila Doctor’s Hospital after having a suspected mild stroke.

Two Muntinlupa city courts earlier allowed De Lima, who is facing drug charges, to temporarily leave detention and have a medical examination after she had headaches and exhibited weakness, which her doctor said could be a mild stroke.

De Lima arrived at the hospital to undergo medical tests.

The opposition senator also tested negative for the coronavirus, her chief of staff Fhillip Sawali told reporters.

De Lima had a one-day medical furlough in February for her routine check-up. The 61-year-old senator has been detained since 2017 on drug-related charges, which she describes as trumped up. One of the three charges was dismissed.