Cup of Joe on the verge of a breakthrough

March 25, 2023 Eugene E. Asis 435 views

Cup1BAGUIO-based band Cup Of Joe’s time to shine is inevitably coming.

With a knack for fresh-sounding songs with themes that captivate, they have slowly but surely built a reputation for no-nonsense pop with a solid following to boot since making their debut in 2019. The six-piece band includes co-lead vocalists Raphaell Rida and Gian Bernardino, guitarists CJ and Gab Fernandez, bassist Sevii Severino and keyboardist Xen Gareza.

Gian shares: “When we started, our biggest dream was just to share our love for music to the world. The overwhelming praises and support we are receiving now are beyond what we expected and we’re very grateful to every one who continuously gives us reasons to produce more music.”

Cup Of Joe’s is beyond typical pop music fare and have an undeniable knack for crafting catchy melodies and relatable lyrics.

From vocal harmony driven acoustic pop (“Sinderella” and “Nag-iisang Muli”), to retro-flavored pop (“Alas Dose”), to mid-tempo ballads that showcase their alt-pop leanings (“Sagada,” “Hayaan”), to teasing retro wave influences (in “Bukod Tangi”) to neo-folk tinged singles (“Ikaw Pa Rin Ang Pipiliin Ko”), their sound is hard to ignore.

In 2022, Cup Of Joe released two singles that have endeared them further to their growing fan base and have since broken through the million-a-month listeners threshold. Their songs “Mananatili” and “Estranghero” highlighted a maturity in sound and style as they borrowed a page or two from the sonic pop book of the 80’s and 90’s.

Now, the band is poised to take things to the next level with their latest single “Tataya.”

“The song was written around 2021 during the pandemic, it started with me just playing with my guitar,” says Rapha (Ridao) who wrote the music with his brother Red. “Then I thought up of a melody, which was the chorus. And that time we haven’t really made any happy song so I thought it would be a great diversion from our usual vibe.”