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Creepy Things Kids Have Said About Their Past Lives

January 25, 2023 People's Tonight 897 views

Mariel Loveland

Kids say the darnedest things, but what if the things they said weren’t actually so silly? What if, instead, they were describing past lives? These kids describe their past lives with such detail that it’s hard to shake off these stories as pure fiction.

Many cultures believe in the idea of reincarnation, whether it’s a birthmark that shows the way you have died in a past life or a distant, dream-like memory you can’t shake. Some people believe they’ve got real, concrete evidence to prove they’ve been reincarnated, while others just have creepy stories that make you wonder. The weirdest of all are the wildly creepy stories of children’s past lives.

The things kids remember from their past lives are things no child could have possibly known, from the story of a grandparent’s death to a foreign language from a country they have never visited.

Children who have been reincarnated often mention their past life offhand, like it’s completely normal and no big deal. Other children are haunted by their former traumatic deaths.

These true stories from kids’ past lives are undoubtedly unsettling, but do you believe them?


• The Veteran

From Buzzfeed user Hrutherford23:

“Our oldest son is named after a marine that was [killed in action] on my husband’s last deployment. On a drive to my sister-in-law’s house, we passed the military base where is namesake is buried. We had never visited his grave with our then three-year-old. As we were driving right past the area where his grave is, our son tells us just matter-of-factly, ‘I’m buried over there.’

“We stop our conversation and ask him to repeat himself.

“‘I’m buried over there in the ground. You know, from when I died when I was fighting bad guys with daddy. Before I was your kid,’ [he said], and then just went back to whatever three-year-old game he was playing.

“We had never even visited that side of the city we were in. He had no clue that the graveyard was even there.”

• A Scottish Pub Crawl

From Redditor HydraulicTurtle:

“When I was about four [years old], we were driving through Scotland. I’d never been to Scotland in my life, and we stopped at this pub in a small village in the Cairngorms. I got out the car and said, ‘Oh my favorite place,’ which my parents thought a bit weird.

“They sat down and got a drink, and my dad looked around and said, ‘Where are the toilets?’

“I apparently leapt up and took him by the hand straight to the toilets, which were actually tucked right away behind a fake wall type thing. Again, my parents were a bit unsettled, but just assumed I had seen them on the way in.

“Then it got weird. I was telling my mom about how much I used to love coming here and sitting beside the fire. There actually wasn’t a fire in the pub at all, so Mom laughed and asked me, ‘What fire?’ I pointed to wall and said that there used to be a fire over there. She shrugged it off, but then I carried on and went into more detail. I claimed I used to live out here and come in the pub nearly every day. I was friends with the owner, Fred.

“My mom went and spoke to one of the bar staff and asked if there was a man named Fred here, to which she replied, ‘Oh, no. Sorry, miss. Fred died over 10 years ago now.'”

• The Farmer

Buzzfeed user Corinneoestreich:

“When my son was five, we were all eating lunch at a popular restaurant that has old farming equipment on the walls. As we were sitting at our table waiting for our plates to be delivered, my son casually pointed to a complicated piece of equipment and began to explain to me what it was and what it was specifically used for when harvesting. My husband and I stared at him in confusion, and I said, ‘Hunter, how do you know this?’

“His answer sent shivers down my spine and has caused me to rethink what may be possible with our journeys as souls.

“‘I’m not sure.. I just know. That blade was sharp though.’

“And then he shivered to himself as if remembering some horrible injury before lifting his peanut butter sandwich.”

• Swimming With The Fishes

“When I was your age, I changed your diaper.” That’s just one of the incredibly creepy quotes Sam, an 18-month-old infant, said to his father Ron, according to Reader’s Digest.* Sam believed he was his deceased grandfather and repeated things there was no way an infant could have possible known.

At 18 months of age, Sam was speaking in full sentences and shared this chilling exchange with his parents about a sister he couldn’t have known existed. Sam was asked if he had any siblings in his past life. He said he had a sister who “turned into a fish.”

“Who turned her into a fish?” his parent’s asked.

“Some bad guys. She died,” he replied.

While Sam didn’t have any siblings, eerily enough his grandfather did have a sister. Her body was found in the San Francisco Bay after being murdered 60 year’s prior. How did he know?

*Reader’s Digest changed Sam and Ron’s actual names.

• The Mother By His Headstone

Reddit users pink_mercedes said her younger brother always used to talk about his past life – and the story never changed once.

“My little brother used to tell my mom and I that he died when he was 11 by being hit by a car. He said our mom was his mom before, and when he died, she was crying at his headstone. He said this many times between when he could first talk until he was about six years old or so, so it wasn’t a one-time thing. In the story, he always was 11, always died by being hit by a car, and it was always our mom crying at his headstone.”

Now, at 19 years old, her brother still remembers his death – sort of.

“He says he remembers telling us about it a lot but only vaguely remembers his ‘death’ like as if it were a dream.”

• A Past Life As A Chinese Mailman

From Redditor HighDingyDo:

“Apparently, when I was just old enough to talk in sentences, I’d walk around the house and backyard with a large cloth bag that I found in my mom’s closet.

“Mom asked me one day why I always wore the bag slung over my shoulder. I told her it was for ‘delivering messages, like I did in China.’

“This became a recurring theme, and I’d often mention little details about my past life in China. When my parents asked if I had a Chinese name, I’d say ‘You can just call me Bob.'”

• The Elephant In The Room

From Redditor Hunair:

“My younger brother (11 year difference) told me and my parents about his past life when he was very young (four to five). He would describe the streets of India he lived in with great detail and how he was crushed by an elephant. He would cry for a long period of time about how there was so much blood and how he always became cold at the end of these memories. It sounds ridiculous, but he shared this story about how he died so clearly without ever being exposed to death or bleeding more then just a few scrapes that it made me question a lot.”

• The Fire

From Buzzfeed user Veryangrygoose:

“It first happened when my daughter was almost four years old. She was playing in the floor, and I was on the couch. She said, ‘Momma, I need to tell you something.’ I said “Okay” or something like it in response… She says, ‘Before I was me and before you were my momma, I burned.’

“I asked her what she meant. She said, ‘My old momma tried to get me out, but the door was stuck. My skin looked weird.’ Talk about chills running down your spine! Still gives me goosebumps.”

• An Ominous Birthmark

In some religions, a birthmark is said to show how you’ve died in a past life – especially if that death was traumatic. One Redditor named Chetura-sama connected the dots between their unique birthmark and ominous childhood behavior. They said:

“When I was a kid, I used to go around saying I was shot and killed by a poisoned arrow that grazed my arm. I don’t remember saying this, but according to my parents I said it everyday, often crying about it and lamenting on how I couldn’t save my son or something like that. I’m still skeptical about it, but I have a birthmark in the shape of large line on my upper right arm. Kind of a cool coincidence.”

• To Grandmother’s House We Go

Redditor Smabwgi recounted a chilling childhood story from when they were around two years old. Could this have been a flash of their past life? They said:

“Apparently we were driving in the car and I was chattering away like kids do. We were at a stop light and all of a sudden, I stopped talking, squinted, and looked out the window. In a shaky voice,

I said, ‘Why don’t they ever come visit me?’

“My mother said it didn’t sound like my voice, or a kid’s for that matter. She asked, ‘Who doesn’t visit?’

“‘My grandkids. They never visit anymore.’

“Apparently, it freaked my mom out. She tried to ask me later that night and a few times after what I was talking about, but I had no recollection of saying it all and still don’t.”

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• Reoccuring Dreams

From Redditor butterflytsticles:

“When I was a child, preschool aged, I used the wrong words for “stop” and “come back.” When asked about this, I told my parents a story about it being late at night. I stood in a long line of people on a road that curved with the side of a hill. I was worried about my papers. I heard a gunshot, and the people in uniforms checking papers came walking down the line yelling for me. I was a late 20s male and had a female partner. I took her hand, so we could run for it down the hill. I remembered thinking, I just need to make it to the river because of the dogs, and we need to go now to have some distance before the men in uniforms get too close.

“We ran. The men in uniforms started yelling the words I used as a child for stop and come back. My partner tripped. I stopped for her, but the men were too close. We both turned face down. I remember thinking what a pitiful attempt to hide in the grass. They saw us and were right behind us, but we didn’t have another option.

“I crawled on top of her to protect her as best I could with my back to the men in uniforms. I remember hoping they would only beat me, but knew that wasn’t going to happen. There were two men chasing us – one closer than the other. They were only 20 steps behind or so because as soon as she fell, and I stopped to protect her, I heard their footsteps slow down. I closed my eyes, listened to the footsteps stop, heard a gunshot, everything went white, and I woke up as a child again with the thought, ‘It will be better this time.’

“My parents asked around about the words I used. [It] turns out they were Czech.

“I still have a recurring dream about the line, running, being chased, her falling, me trying to protect her, and being shot in the back at close range at least once a year. I always wake up feeling the sting of being shot between the spine and the right shoulder blade.”

• The Good Mom

From Redditor GreyhoundMummy:

“When my youngest son was three, we were driving through a part of town we don’t often visit, and he pointed out a house. [He said], ‘That’s where my first mummy lived when I used to be a little girl. She wasn’t nice to me. I was very scared of her. I’m glad you’re my mummy now.'”

• I’ll Never Let Go

From Buzzfeed user Autumnwaters:

“My 4-year-old nephew talks about being on the Titanic all the time. He said he was with his wife and that it was really cold. And every time he watches a movie with boats or bodies of water he gets freaked out and wants it to turn off. He says he misses some lady but refuses to say her name.”

• Head Trauma

From Buzzfeed user mayaa4f7bf9949:

“When my daughter had just turned three, my husband and I were hanging out with her in our bedroom (which used to be his parents old room). My daughter looked at my husband and said, ‘I used to be your mother.’ His mom died when he was 10.

“Intrigued, I asked her to tell us something about that. She continued, ‘I went to work and got hit in the head,’ and made a gesture to her head.

“My husband and I both looked at each other in shock. His mother was in a car accident on her way to work when a bus slammed into her car, and she had severe head trauma. No one ever ever spoke of that! Not even next to my daughter! Today, my daughter is 10 [and] doesn’t remember any of this, but if my husband wasn’t in the room, I don’t think anyone would have believed my story.”

• Extra Terrestrial

From Redditor MarianneDashwood:

“My friend’s little girl said to her family, when she was two: ‘I came to Earth this time to see what it’s like to be a human, and I love having hands. It’s so great!’

“…This kid is [only] five, but she really is weirdly wise and just… I can’t explain it. I saw her today, and she seems like she knows much more than most people, with regard to sensitivity and perception.”