Creepy’ Pale Humanoid’ Captured on Security Camera (PHOTOS)

July 10, 2022 People's Tonight 3804 views

Posted: 08 Jul 2022 09:20 AM PDT


On July 5, 2022, Douglas Windsor McLoney III posted these images on his Facebook Group. Accompanying the images was this notice:

“This thing was caught on a security camera at one of the cottages up at the gorge.”

McLoney is a resident of Morehead, Kentucky, seemed to indicate that these images were taken from security camera set up in the Red River Gorge. The creature captured appears all white and thin. There are at least two videos showing the creature. McLoney wrote that he was trying to obtain a copy of the videos. The images presented here were ones he snapped on his cellphone while watching the video.

He added that the creature appeared to move strangely.

“I’m gonna try to get the original video to show. There’s two videos actually. But it shows the way the thing moves, and it doesn’t move like a human. It moves almost like it’s knee caps are backwards. Reminds me of Smeagle of Lord of the Rings. But in that last picture you can see the ribs, and pretty much the bones.”

Some commenters thought that it might be a fellow in a morph suit, while others thought it might be an alien or a crawler. Who knows?

Source: Douglas Windsor McLoney III

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