romasanta Atimonan police commander, Major Reden Romasanta inspects the three unlicensed guns during the arrest of the five suspects. Photo by GEMI FORMARAN

Cops accost 5 men, seize 3 guns in a drinking spree

September 20, 2021 Gemi Formaran 823 views

ATIMONAN, QUEZON — Police arrested five men and seized from their possession three unlicensed sidearms while indiscriminately firing during a drinking session at Brgy. Angeles, here, on Sunday.

Quezon police director Col. Joel Villanueva identified the five nabbed suspects as Edgar Tortor, 48, Alvin Desalisa, 57, Bonifacio Layan, 49, Alberto Oblifias, 50, Augustus Suarez, 43.

Villanueva said the suspects who were caught by the responding policemen in the act of firing their guns failed to show legal documents for the firearms.

Town police commander Major Reden Romasanta said that prior to the suspects’ arrest, they received a telephone call from village officials of said barangay and informed them of the ongoing illegal discharge of guns.

Acting on the report, Romasanta said he immediately dispatched a police team who promptly responded in the village.

The lawmen recovered from the suspects a cal. 45 pistol, loaded with 11 bullets, a cal. 38 revolver loaded with 6 bullets, and a cali. 38 S&W 2.57 magnum revolver also loaded with 6 bullets.

Also recovered were one camouflage inside holster and black sling bag and pieces of spent shells of for cal. 45 pistol and cal. 38 revolver.

The suspects were placed behind bars and were charged with illegal posession of firearms and alarm and scandal.