Nachura CONGRATULATIONS Atty. Annalou S. Nachura, Deputy Secretary General, Legal Affairs Department, for representing the House of Representatives to the Parliamentary Officers’ Study Program in Ottawa, Canada from October 24 to 28, 2022.

House webinar focuses on intermittent fasting, mindful eating

October 21, 2022 Ryan Ponce Pacpaco 414 views

TO promote the health and well-being of the House of Representatives workforce and celebrate the House of Representatives Month 2022, the Legal Affairs Department headed by Deputy Secretary-General Atty. Annalou Nachura on Thursday sponsored the webinar dubbed “Food For Thought: Intermittent Fasting And Mindful Eating.”

LAD Executive Director Michael Manuel introduced resource speaker Jose Villablanca as an experienced holistic lifestyle coach, fitness expert, certified personal trainer, as well as CEO and Founder of Holifit Holistic Fitness Center.

In his presentation, Villablanca cited that holistic lifestyle coaching encompasses six important principles, namely: 1) You are what you eat. Hence one should eat quality, healthy, fresh, local, organic and colorful foods, as well as stay well hydrated, 2) Learn stress management. Chronic stress is caused by failure to take breaks in between work or daily activities, 3) Rest and recovery. When you rest, you get stronger, 4) You are when you eat, so schedule each meal and fasting break, 5) Digestive health. Digestion starts in the mouth by breaking down your food until it is liquefied.

Chew your food 25 times before swallowing it.

On average, people chew their food only 10 times, and 6) Detoxification.