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Conflict escalates at Leni camp

April 22, 2022 Lee Ann P. Ducusin 576 views

THE enmity within Leni Robredo’s camp is intensifying over a misunderstanding over their candidate’s campaign strategy, where one faction is willing to ally with the NPA terrorists while another group is opposing to the move.

This was revealed by an insider in Robredo’s camp while saying that the group of ‘dilawans’ consisting of those who had previously served and helped the campaign of former President Corazon Aquino and her son Noynoy were willing for Leni to conspire with the NPAs.

On the one hand, the ‘pinklawans’ are those new and organic members of the group helping Robredo’s campaign in her candidacy in 2016 as vice president, are against the said idea.

And one of the latest discussion today is whether the New People’s Army terrorists will go to Robredo’s planned birthday campaign rally in Pasay City this Saturday (April 23).

“Yung grupo ng dilaw ayaw nilang pumayag kasi alam nilang maaari lalo itong makasisira sa kampanya ni Leni. Pero yung mga grupo ng pink ipinipilit nila na mas mainam na padaluhin ang mga ito,” said an insider.

Earlier, the two camps also debated whether Robredo will be held accountable for Isko Moreno’s negative comments.

“Ang gusto ng dilaw hayaan na lamang na si Barry Gutierrez (spokesman ni Robredo) ang sumagot, pero ang pink gusto nila si Robredo mismo ang sumagot,” the insider added, but in the end the pink group seemed to be followed because Robredo herself responded to Moreno’s comments.

The quarrel between the two camps allegedly started after the yellow group insisted that Robredo should not answer the media and only let her speak whenever there is a teleprompter so that she would not be criticized.

But the pink group did not like it because they insisted that Robredo herself should answer all the issues.

“Ang problema kasi tuwing magsasalita si VP lagi itong napapahamak kaya mas gusto sana ng dilaw na palagi itong may teleprompter para masigurong hindi ito magmukhang katawa-tawa,” the source added.

According to the source, just two weeks into the election, the conflict between the two groups continues to heat up, while the NPA terrorists led by Joma Sison are waiting for an order on whether they will disrupt the election or not.