Close Call! ‘Sasquatch’ & Idaho Fisherman Nearly Make Contact

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Posted: 23 May 2022 10:04 AM PDT

Sasquatch1An Idaho fisherman describes his trek into a mountain valley in Bonneville County. After a while, he starts to feel uneasy, thinking that he needed to head back. He soon sees the reason why.

The following account was recently forwarded to me:

“I went fishing on a Sunday afternoon a in the late spring of 2016. Way out in the sticks, in a mountain valley in Bonneville County, Idaho. A bridge on the gravel road had washed out, but the old dirt bike crossed the river bed just fine. The plan was to find a trail head to a pretty remote lake and head up there for some trout.

When I found the trail, it ran off the gravel road for a bit before it ended in the river. So the lake was a no go. I figured I might as well try the river. I waded across the river and left my dirt bike up on the bank under some trees.

I sat out there a while in this shady spot down in the river. It was a beautiful afternoon and I was just enjoying the cool water on my feet and the sunshine and the peace and quiet.

After about an hour, I decided to move up the river a bit, and try a little bit deeper pool with less current. I grabbed my stuff, my backpack with the mountain pistol in there, fishing pole, started making my way up the bank. There were some big trees down in the river and piles of rocks, I had to cut off a little bit into the woods to make my way up..

I found where the the trail continued on across the river. In a few years past the river had been easier to cross. But it didn’t look like anyone had been on the trail in a while. It was really overgrown, kind of eerie.

As I was about to take a step from the trail head and continue up the river, all of a sudden this really weird feeling washed over me. The hair stood up on the back of my neck, I stood stone still and frozen in mid-step. I couldn’t tell you exactly what it was that set me off. There was a little wind, it wasn’t completely quiet, but I thought I heard a twig pop. That kind of unmistakable heavy-footed crisp pop that doesn’t come from squirrels or birds or wind.

Then my thoughts kicked in, thinking, ‘You need to turn around, go back down the river, and get across the river to your dirt bike. Do it calmly, do it quickly, and do it right now.’ I’ve never had my thoughts pull me like that. They literally pulled me away from that spot. I took a step back and quietly, calmly made my way backwards, over a rock bank. I didn’t even stop to take my shoes off to wade the river. I clamored up the opposite bank, and made it to my dirt bike.

I was putting my helmet on, sitting on the bike, getting ready to kick it, when I decided to look back across the river. What had made me leave so quickly? Was I overreacting?

Then I saw it standing there across the river, not ten feet from where I had been by the trail head. It was huge, hulking, and muscular. Dark brown with uneven hair all over it. Probably eight feet tall at the shoulders, with head raised and peering in my direction. I had never encountered a Sasquatch, but this was indeed one of the infamous creatures.

It soon made its way down the river bank. I quickly made my way back in the direction I had come. I was in it territory

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