Christine, pressured and excited over ‘Scorpio Nights 3’

July 2, 2022 Ian F. Fariñas 400 views

A desirable woman makes a young man’s greatest fantasies and wildest desires come true and gives him the greatest pleasure of his life.

The most famous erotica franchise will have its modern retelling this 2022. Peque Gallaga’s Scorpio Nights 3 premieres on Vivamax on July 29.

A Vivamax Original Movie, Scorpio Nights 3 is an erotic-thriller film that follows the story of Matt, an engineering student who lives in an old apartment building just above the unit of his new neighbors, live-in partners Pinay (Christine Bermas), a cam girl, and Drake (Mark Anthony Fernandez), a fiscal’s bodyguard.

Matt secretly fantasizes over Pinay and constantly peeps through the hole on his floorboard whenever Pinay would make love to Mark or tease her clients online as a cam girl.

Unknown to Matt, Pinay knows about his actions and would purposely seduce him.

The two eventually make love, hoping not to get caught by Pinay’s dominant and violent boyfriend.

Gallaga’s Scorpio Nights 3 is based on the 1985 movie of the same title starring Daniel Fernando and Anna Marie Gutierrez.

The film also had a sequel in 1999 that starred Joyce Jimenez and Albert Martinez.

Bermas feels excited and pressured to be the film’s lead star knowing she has some big shoes to fill for the modern retelling of Scorpio Nights.

“Ang laking pressure ng napi-feel ko noong una pa lang na sinabi sa akin na ako ang gaganap. Natuwa po ako at the same time ‘yung kaba na-feel ko,” said Christine.

She has also played lead star in other Vivamax Originals like Siklo and Island of Desire.

Produced by Viva Films, Scorpio Nights 3 is under the direction of multi-awarded Lawrence Fajardo, who also brought us other notable Vivamax Originals like X-Deal 2, Reroute, Mahjong Nights and Nerisa.