Cherry Pie Picache

Cherry Pie the last one for Edu?

December 5, 2021 People's Tonight 58 views

THE loudest whisper in town is about Edu Manzano and Cherry Pie Picache playing beautiful music. They were spotted in New York and other places abroad looking lovey-dovey. The two respected stars are doing a TV series and doubting Thomases cried out, “Gimik lang ‘yan to promote their project.’

They are no longer spring chickens, the netizens add. So at this point, it should be for keeps. But with Edu’s record, Cherry Pie should always be on guard. Or is she really the last one?

Christmas movie about a sinful world

IN the movie, “Eva,” Viva’s Christmas offering but not an entry to the Metro Manila Film Festival, five newcomers are more than willing and able to bare.

Viva publicist, Ferlin Parreno sent us the following production notes:

‘Eva’ is an erotic-drama movie starring Vivamax’s K-Krush Angeli Khang. She plays the role of Eva, a young housemaid who is sexually curious and is willing to try anything to explore and satisfy her libido. Because of this curiosity, she finds herself, one night, in a threesome with her boss, Victoria (Sab Aggabao), and Lauro (Marco Gomez), a neighbor’s houseboy who she often has sexual encounters with. This one careless night leads Eva to have confusions about her feelings and makes her to choose between Victoria and Lauro.

Joining Angeli are Vivamax hottest stars. A hunk actor known for his roles in ‘Maria’ and ‘Encounter,’ Ivan Padilla plays the role of Andrew, a model who will have a steamy sexual encounter with Eva’s lady boss. Pornstar 2’s Sab Aggabao is Victoria, the seductive and sexually liberated boss. The star of ‘Silab’ and ‘House Tour,’ Marco Gomez plays Lauro, a young houseboy who feeds Eva’s sexual desires.

Eva’s director, actor-singer Jeffrey Hidalgo, has also proven his talent for directing both in television and movies. He even had nominations from two of the most prestigious award-giving bodies in the Philippines, FAMAS and Star Awards for Movies. Hidalgo will show his talent in storytelling as ‘Eva’ arrives on our screens.

Get to know ‘Eva’ and her sinful world as it premieres on Vivamax this December 24, 2021.

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A commercial talent who never runs out on doing commercial for “lolo roles” is Gene Fabregas, a cousin of actor Jaime Fabregas and an old acquaintance years ago.

Still airing on TV is Ensure Gold 2020 with Primetime King Dingdong Dantes. Gene also did RiteMed, which Susan Roces as main endorser. He was seen in Lifebuoy 2021 with Kathryn Bernardo.

Recently he shot a short scene in the upcoming Spam Christmas TVC 2021.

The next move that we hope Gene would do is to appear in films.

Remy Umerez