Cheap rice

June 22, 2024 People's Tonight 184 views

ALTHOUGH the Philippines produces a variety of staple products, like corn, coconuts and bananas, rice remains as the main staple of the people.

In fact, it was once the world’s biggest rice-importing nation despite the presence of the International Rice Research Institute (IRRI) in Los Banos, Laguna.

Just to meet the food needs of the country’s burgeoning population, concerned government authorities have to continue importing the cereal.

And today, we commend the leadership of the National Food Authority (NFA) to sell the agency’s aging but still good rice stocks at P29 per kilo.

The NFA rice will be sold by the rolling stores of Kadiwa in various parts of the country.

Palay (unhusked rice) is considered old when it has been stocked for six months, while it is three months for milled rice.

In announcing the “good news,” acting NFA Administrator Larry Lacson was quick to stress that the “cheap” rice will be sold to select beneficiaries for a limited period.

Among the target beneficiaries are solo parents, senior citizens, persons with disbility (PWDs) and eventually indigenous people, said Lacson.

In the view of many, the NFA is on the right path in addressing the the surging rice prices in impoverished Philippines.

Its one way of protecting the interests of the poorest of the poor during the three-month (July to September) “lean season.”