Kervin Kane

Cebuano singer-songwriter Kervin Kane reimagines ‘Ulahi na ang Pagbasol Ko’

August 5, 2021 People's Journal 127 views

POP rock Cebuano music artist Kervin Kane transforms the classic Visayan song “Ulahi Na Ang Pagbasol Ko” to a mellow rock tune released under ABS-CBN’s DNA Music label.

Originally popularized by Evelyn Bacarra, “Ulahi Na Ang Pagbasol Ko” means ‘it’s too late for me to blame’ and articulates one’s surrender over a failed relationship, likening it to a withering flower.

Kervin felt honored for the chance to add his flavor to the OPM classic. “Being able to make my own rendition of the song makes me feel more proud as a Cebuano artist. It’s a great opportunity for me to make a version of the song that was written by one of the most prominent Cebuano composer-musicians, Mr. Max Surban,” he said.

The latest rendition bears the same charged sense of the song’s lyrics in Bisaya—but now infused with a mellow rock production, positively taking the track to a crisp direction.

Before remaking “Ulahi Na Ang Pagbasol Ko,” the 28-year-old Cebu native recently put a spin on the Tausug song “Ina Ku Kalasahan” by incorporating Cebuano and Tagalog to its lyrics. Earlier this 2021, he also released his self-penned single “Pelikula.”

Aside from being a singer-songwriter, Kervin is also a multi-instrumentalist. He pursued music full time only in 2019, when he was discovered at one of the bars where he frequently played gigs at. To know more about Kervin’s music, follow him on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.