Catastrophic effects

October 23, 2021 People's Tonight 233 views

GIVEN the catastrophic effects of the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) pandemic, the government should look deeper into the “major problems” confronting the people.

Many quarters concede that the pandemic has aggravated the problems of hunger, poverty, unemployment, homelessness, and rising prices of goods and services in the country.

Not only that. The crippling pandemic hampers government efforts to improve the quality of Philippine education, particularly in public elementary and high schools.

In a bid to prevent the spread of the highly-contagious and deadly disease, the government decreed the use of “blended or hybrid learning” system in the Philippines.

An entirely fresh approach, “blended or hybrid learning” is a fusion of online distant learning and in person delivery of printed modules to the homes of learners.

Critics said: “Okay ang ‘blended learning’ pero iba pa rin kung mga guro talaga ang magtuturo sa mga bata at hindi ang mga magulang na karamihan ay hindi nakapag-aral.”

But people find it hard to believe that concerned government agencies are in a position to address hunger, poverty, joblessness, underemployment and other major problems.

With the now struggling domestic economy , the government lacks financial resources to fund projects and programs aimed at meeting the many needs of the population.

That’s why there’s that urgent need for everybody, including the ordinary citizens, to work in unison if we are to address all the problems confronting the country and the people.

Kaya kailangang pag-aralang mabuti ng gobyerno ang mga problemang ito para alam natin kung paanong bigyang solusyon ang mga ito, lalo na’t nandiyan pa rin ang pandemya.