Catapang vows to continue cleansing Bureau of Corrections

June 15, 2024 People's Tonight 108 views

Until discipline, values are inculcated in hearts and minds of all BuCor personnel

BUREAU of Corrections Director General Gregorio Pio P. Catapang Jr. said that he will continue the cleansing of the agency until discipline and values are inculcated in the hearts and minds of all its personnel.

“While we rewarded with promotion those who have been good at doing their job and continue to be an asset for the agency, we also dismissed and reprimanded personnel those who continue to be a liability and disgrace to the agency,” Catapang said.

To date, at least 26 personnel have been dismissed from the service due to grave misconduct and gross negligence of duty since Catapang assumed office in October 2022.

He added that there are 71 personnel being investigated by the BuCor Internal Affairs Office while 35 uniformed and one non uniform personnel are being investigated by the Intelligence and Investigation Division for various allegations and offenses.

Meanwhile, Catapang disclosed that a total of 129 personnel have been promoted from the service who have been good at doing their job and these include two Corrections Chief Superintendent, Corrections Superintendent, Corrections Technical Chief Inspectors, Corrections Chief Inspectors, Corrections Senior Officer IV, Corrections Officers II, Corrections Technical Officer II and Non- Uniformed Personnel.

“We will continue to promote deserving personnel, and we will continue to recruit new blood and rest assured that as long as I am the Director General, I will continue to reform the bureau until everything is put in order,” Catapang said.

With the help of reformed Bucor personnel, Catapang said they will turn around in five years the 50 years that the bureau has been neglected, which is the reason why they are working 10 times faster than the other government agencies, Catapang said.