Carmi Martin

Carmi spells longevity

September 20, 2021 Mario Bautista 600 views

CARMI Martin turned 58 on August 3 but she looks much younger than her age. She was launched in the movie “Dolphy’s Angels” (inspired by “Charlie’s Angels”) in 1980 when she was only 18 years old. But now, she’s the only one in their batch who continues to be so active in showbiz. (Count Liz Alindogan in. –Ed )

She became a favorite leading lady of comedians and action stars. Then the late National Artist, Lino Brocka, launched her in dramatic roles in “Kapit sa Patalim” and “Hot Property”, while another National Artist, Ishmael Bernal, made her shine in “Working Girls” and she gained recognition as an actress. She also succeeded on TV in shows like “Chicks to Chicks”, “Abangan ang Susunod na Kabanata” and “Tonight with Dick and Carmi”.

Now, after much deliberation, the top executives of Yamang Bukid Healthy Products Inc. (YBHPI), as represented by its president, Modrino Visitacion, unanimously agreed that Carmi is the best personality to represent the product as she is widely known and respected not only for her impressive body of work as one of the most respected and versatile film and television actresses but also her dynamic, healthy lifestyle.

“I’m glad to be chosen as their brand ambassador as I have been a long-time user of the Yamang Bukid’s Turmeric 10-in-1 Tea that helped talaga lalo nang magka-covid ako,” says Carmi. “And I am now happy that the company has another healthy product that I could use. the Insulin Plant Tea. I am very grateful for the trust of Yamang Bukid and I am honored na napili nila ako to be the official endorser of Insulin Plant Tea kasi I really believe in the product as it helps control my blood sugar.” Carmi remains so busy with non stop assignments even in this time of the pandemic.

She is now a mainstay in the online comedy series, “GV Boys” on Puregold channel. She’s also in the romcom, “Hoy, Love You” on iWant. She’s also doing “Love You Stranger” for GMA with Gabbi Garcia and Khalil Ramos. For next year, she’ll do the movie “Sampung Kerida” with Director Jun Lana, co-starring Venice Filmfest best actor John Arcilla and Tokyo filmfest best actress Eugene Domingo.

Meantime, Yamang Bukid Healthy Products Inc. (YBHPI) is elated to have Carmi as official brand ambassador of Insulin Plant Tea – the company’s latest healthy product. YBHPI is the company behind the country’s leading turmeric tea brand, the Yamang Bukid Turmeric 10-in-1.

Yamang Bukid Insulin Plant Tea is made from the leaves of authentic insulin plants (Costus igneus) grown in pristine farming conditions in Palawan. The all-natural wellness drink has no other ingredients aside from dried insulin leaves, so consumers are assured that it’s safe and is of nature’s best.