Carlos won’t allow ‘Few bad Apples” to spoil entire PNP

January 25, 2022 Alfred P. Dalizon 120 views

Alfred DalizonIT’S really a case of good cops versus bad cops and Philippine National Police chief, General Dionards Carlos had made it very clear he won’t allow a ‘few bad apples’ in the force to spoil the entire organization. However, i still believe that the PNP chief needs all the support and cooperation he can get from the PNP Internal Affairs Service and his 17 police regional directors and the heads of different PNP national administrative and support units to to the job.

The top cop reiterated his strict policy as the PNP continues to fight off negative publicity triggered by the involvement of some bad eggs in the force in criminal or corrupt activities, eclipsing the good deeds being made daily by the majority of the force.

Just think of the following good news: many people and even the Commission on Human Rights have lauded members of the Asingan police force in Pangasinan for chipping in their own money to raise bail for an 80-year old man ordered arrested by a local court for allegedly stealing mangoes in a contested property.

Then there is the heartwarming effort of our Southern Mindanao policemen to build roads and schools for indigenous children; the laudable effort of the Cordillera police to build homes for poor folks; and the many untold stories of Metro Manila policemen feeding impoverished residents badly affected by the pandemic.

Then there are the good deeds being displayed 24/7 by majority of the force specifically in keeping our streets safe while everybody are having a good sleep in the confines of their homes; the major drug busts being made by the PNP Drug Enforcement Group and the 17 other Police Regional Offices.

However, as they always say, only a single act of brutality or corrupt activity tends to eclipse all of these good police deeds. The presence of a few rogues in uniform who ironically are being arrested by our good cops will always change the meaning of the PNP motto which is ‘to serve and protect.’

This is exactly the same reason why Gen. Carlos has ordered a strict drive versus these ‘few bad apples’ who create problem and negative publicity for the force. This week, the top cop ordered the PNP Internal Affairs Service to further intensify their anti-corruption drive in the force in line with their stepped-up internal cleansing efforts.

To do this, the PNP chief called on the PNP-IAS headed by lawyer Alfegar Triambulo to strengthen their crackdown against rogues in police uniform so that the public can be guaranteed the confidence they entrust to the organization. One focal point of his directive is for the IAS to focus on the speedy and impartial disposition of administrative cases against PNP personnel involved in graft and corrupt practices.

Gen. Carlos said that together with the PNP Integrity Monitoring and Enforcement Group headed by Brigadier Gen. Oliver Enmodias, the IAS needs to conduct immediate administrative proceedings to determine the administrative liability of arrested PNP personnel and remove them from the force if evidence will warrant such action.

The PNP-IAS actually has a lot of explaining to do when it comes to hearing administrative charges against police personnel. As I have previously written, the PNP-IMEG said that from 2017 to 2021, a total of 10 policemen they arrested and charged with administrative offenses were dismissed from the service, all 10 of them in 2018.

Another 62 are still undergoing ;summary hearing procedures while 24 were exonerated; 12 were suspended; one was demoted and three were reprimanded.

The administrative cases still being heard are the following: 10 in 2017; 17 in 2018, four in 2019; 24 in 2020; and seven in 2021.

On the other hand, when it comes to the regular filing of case against arrested offenders, 51 policemen were dismissed including nine in 2017; 15 in 2018; and 27 in 2019.

Still undergoing summary hearing procedures as a result of the regular filing of criminal cases against them are 194 PNP personnel (12 in 2017; 14 in 2018; 43 in 2019; 95 in 2020 and 30 in 2021).

The PNP-IMEG said that when it comes to cases of policemen arrested in entrapment operations since 2017, a total of 84 have already been dismissed (42 in 2017; 21 in 2018; 16 in 2019; four in 2020; and one in 2021.

Still undergoing summary hearing procedures after being arrested are 72 police personnel including two in 2017; 16 in 2018; 13 in 2019; 31 in 2020; and 10 in 2021. Exonerated after being arrested were 15 including one in 2017; seven in 2018; and seven in 2018.

Second, Gen. Carlos ordered the IAS to engage in an intensified proactive inspection approach wherein all PNP personnel will submit themselves to attendance checking, including appearance and public impression evaluation.

The top cop said that the IAS is actually now on the final stage of drafting the procedures and parameters of the State of Discipline wherein all PNP units/stations can now closely monitor and guide their respective personnel to avoid involvement in any illegal activity such as graft and corruption.

Third is the establishment of IAS Desk in police stations and headquarters. Under this program, partner stakeholders will have an avenue to voice out their concerns and grievances as well as recognition of the good deeds of individual policemen or PNP units.

Last week, I learned from number of senior police generals that Gen. Carlos has reiterated to his field commanders nationwide the need for them to fully supervise the conduct of their internal discipline program aimed at ferreting out misfits and scalawags in uniform.

At the same time, the top cop emphasized their ‘One-Strike Policy’ which means that the immediate supervisor of any police personnel reported and arrested for involvement in criminal and other illegal activities including gambling will be immediately relieved and undergo an administrative investigation.

I learned that the PNP chief issued the instruction anew amid President Duterte’s recent ‘Talk to the People’ where the Commander-in-Chief scored some members of the police force for their involvement in corrupt activities and poor discipline.

The Chief Executive also cited the presence of some policemen who are being monitored or arrested for involvement in illegal gambling activities like cockfighting or ‘sabong’ amid the new normal brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic and the gains being made by the national police force in the fight against illegal drugs, crime, insurgency, terror and corruption.

This prompted Gen. Carlos to instructed all his five Area Police Commanders and the 17 Police Regional Office directors to hit harder on criminals in their areas of responsibility as well as police personnel involved in corrupt activities.

The PNP chief likewise called on his commanders to fully supervise and monitor their

personnel thru their respective counter-intelligence units. At the same time, he reiterated his ‘No-Take’ policy on all illegal activities with a warning that any official who will be reported to be disregarding his order will be subjected to a thorough investigation, relieved administratively and face investigation.