Dionardo B. Carlos

Carlos to cops: Stay vigilant amid continuing COVID threat

December 10, 2021 Alfred P. Dalizon 240 views

DON’T be complacent.

Philippine National Police (PNP) chief, General Dionardo B. Carlos yesterday called on his men to fully maintain their vigilance in addressing the threats of the COVID-19 and its more deadly variants amid the reduced number of virus transmissions over the past few weeks.

As of Friday, there are a total of 29 ‘active cases’ in the more than 225,000-strong police force. Since March last year, 42,227 police personnel have contracted the virus although 42,073 of them have fully recovered from the disease and are now back to full duty status.

A total of 125 PNP personnel have succumbed to the virus since last year.

On Thursday, four new cases were recorded followed by two more on Friday, said PNP Chief, Police General Dionardo B Carlos, citing COVID-19 status updates from the PNP Health Service,

“Despite the significant improvement in the COVID-19 situation in the PNP, police personnel must remain aware and vigilant against the continuing risks posed by the virus and its variants,” Carlos said.

“This apparent improving trend should not be any cause for complacency among our personnel, because according to health experts, the Philippines is not yet out of the woods,” the top cop added.

Last Thursday, the PNP Health Service headed by Brigadier Gen. Antonino R. Cirujales recorded two new cases in Western Mindanao and Cagayan Valley regions.

Cirujales said that the active cases being monitored by PNP doctors are all mild to moderate cases with the patients now in isolation in PNP-run and local government unit facilities.

At present, there are no active cases admitted in hospitals, the official added.

PNP ‘active cases’ peaked at 3,216 cases last September 17.

Cirujales reported to Carlos that 99.25 percent of all 225,592 PNP personnel are now vaccinated with 212,717 or 94.29 percent completely inoculated while 11,199 or 4.96 percent have received the initial dose and are just awaiting their second jab.

Vaccine hesitancy among PNP personnel remains at a minute 0.35 percent or 778 unable to offer any valid reason to refuse vaccination, while 898 or 0.40 percent are prevented from receiving the vaccine either due to medical conditions, contraindications, recent infection, pregnancy and religious belief.

The PNP has announced plans to reassign unvaccinated personnel to low-risk duties with minimum exposure to possible infection.