Carla, Tom raise white flags

July 1, 2022 Eugene E. Asis 148 views

THERE is now peace (or so we hope) between newly-divorced couple Carla Abellana and Tom Rodriguez after engaging in a word war. In one of her lenghty post, she wrote a litany of sacrifices she endured during their 3 month-old marriage. If they were uttered by Nora Aunor, she could have gained the sympathy of many.

Meanwhile, what keeps Tom busy nowadays? He is relaxing in the US as he posed to show his well-built body clad only in his briefs. And take note of the bulge. Nagpupumiglas.

Never too late for Ate Guy

MEANWHILE, back to Guy or Nora Aunor. The contributions she has made for the movie industry have been recognized by ex-President Rodrigo Roa Duterte as the latter conferred her the title as a National Artist for Film. She was not able to attend the confernment at Malacanang due to doctor’s advice, but she was present during the post event at the CCP, where she eventually had a chance to thank former President Duterte personally.

Our belated congratulations. It is long overdue.

Who is Kitty K7?

ONE will never run out of movies to stream on Vivamax streaming app.

Say hello to a new online friend who will keep you and every bone in your body awake during the late hours. Meet Kitty K7 on Vivamax, which will premiere this June 10, 2022

A young woman’s heartbreak causes her to explore things she never thought she’d do. Coming from a painful breakup with her boyfriend of seven years, Hana (Rose Van Ginkel) chooses to mend her heart by meeting other people. Then, here comes Krishna (Marco Gallo), a handsome, well-traveled photographer.

Hana poses for Krishna’s photos, and the young man takes erotic shots of her. The two soon connect on a different level, and the tension between them rises and they eventually sleep together.

Krishna records their lovemaking. This shared moments with Krishna change something about Hana, and from being boring and reserved, she becomes wild and liberated. Hana loses contact with Krishna but continues with this new self-discovery and introduces to the internet her alter-ego, the cam girl – Kitty K7.

Watch how Kitty K7 faces criticism and judgment from her family and friends with her questionable life choices and how she wishes for her knight in shining armor Krishna to be beside her at these times.

‘Kitty K7’ stars Vivamax actress Rose Van Ginkel, known for her Vivamax Original movies, ‘Paglaki Ko Gusto Ko, Maging Pornstar,’ ‘Gluta,’ ‘69+1’ and ‘Boy Bastos.’ Her leading man, Marco Gallo, has also starred in several Vivamax Original movies like ‘Gluta’ and ‘Ang Manananggal na Nahahati Ang Puso.’

Produced by Antoinette Jadaone and Dan Villegas and directed by young filmmaker Joy Aquino, ‘Kitty K7’ is a Vivamax Original movie that will show how easy it is to break free from our inhibitions and create our own reality through the internet.

Subscribe to Vivamax for only P149 per month or P399 for three months. Visit or download the app and subscribe via Google Play Store, Huawei App Gallery and App Store.

New music releases

HERE’S the latest releases from our artist roster, featuring new music from Pinoy pop R&B artist Esseca, former Alamat band member and now solo artist, Valfer, Joaquin Canlas, singer-songwriter Joshua Cadelina, Glaiza De Castro x Max Importunate, and Virgin Forest OST.

IMISSYOU by Essecah

This ear-tweaking and upbeat new number from R&B music artist Esseca brings to the fore Karl Ayn “Esseca” Escalona’s knack for catchy song-smithing. “IMISSYOU” is a short but sweet R&B-tinged pop song for the modern times.

Sumpa by Valfer

Debuting solo artist Valfer takes his previous experience as part of a Pinoy pop boyband into his first foray as a solo act in “Sumpa.” And the resulting track is an energetic and electrifying dance track called “Sumpa.” Valfer cites that “Sumpa” is about “a man being fascinated with this goddess-like woman whose charm and attractiveness he can’t get over with, that it’s akin to being hypnotized.” This Latino and Pinoy pop collision is written and composed by Valfer J. Alo, who gets producer credits with songwriter Kyla Miel Camerong in this Aceflow mixed and mastered track.

Pinangarap Lang Kita by Joaquin Canlas

“Pinapangarap Lang Kita” is the excellent sounding Viva Records debut of Joaquin Canlas. Sweet sounding melodies, light themes about finding the right love, and over-all catchiness is what Joaquin brings to the table and this alt-pop tinged acoustic ballad is the perfect entry point for Joaquin Canlas into the Pinoy pop music scene.

Sandali by Joshua Feliciano

Singer-songwriter and acoustic guitarist Joshua Feliciano scores a nice tuneful song on “Sandali.”

If anything, Joshua is getting better on each outing. And with several quality singles out already, it’s only a matter of time before he scores big. Or for all we know that moment could be with “Sandali.” Sure sounds like it from our vantage point.

Tawid Dagat by Glaiza De Castro, Max Importunante

“Tawid Dagat” is the collab project between multi-hyphenate creative Glaiza De Castro and OC Records music act Max Importunate. “Tawid Dagat” is a song “about a long-distance relationship in the time of the pandemic.” Glaiza shares that song about her and husband David before their engagement. Glaiza also shared that the hook chorus was collaborated on by her and her partner David. Max Importunate completes the sonic picture and comes up with a distinct arrangement that has elements of rap, alternative pop, with synthwave thrown in between.

Virgin Forest OST by Men Oppose, Cinderella

The original soundtrack of the film “Virgin Forest” features the hit “Kasalanan Ba?” by Men Oppose and “Kung Ang Puso’y Pagbibigyan” by Cinderella. “Virgin Forest” is Vivamax remake of the classic 80’s film, updated by director MA Mendoza and stars Sid Lucero, K-Krush Angeli Khang, Vince Rillon, Rob Guinto. Kat Dovey, Micaella Raz. BY REMY UMEREZ