Carla, a submissive wife in ‘To Have and To Hold’

September 26, 2021 Ian F. Fariñas 600 views

They say that if you love someone, you set them free. But if they come back, can you find it in your heart to forgive and forget?

On September 27, GMA Entertainment Group brings forth a compelling story of marriage and love that knows no bounds in To Have and To Hold, featuring some of the brightest and top-caliber Kapuso stars on Philippine TV.

The series is topbilled by award-winning and internationally-acclaimed Kapuso star Carla Abellana as Erica Gatchalian, Rocco Nacino as Gavin Ramirez and Max Collins as Dominique Ramirez.

The premise follows the story of Dominique (Max) and Gavin (Rocco), a couple who has been married for years but is now on the brink of separation.

After an unexpected turn of events, Gavin finds himself unraveling a web of lies and deceit with a woman named Erica (Carla) whose husband, Tony (Rafael Rosell), shares an untold connection with Dominique.

When the bad starts to outweigh the good, is love truly enough to uphold the sacred vows of marriage?

Carla breathes life into the role of Erica, a people-pleaser and submissive housewife who yearns for a happy family even at her expense.

The actress believes that her character is far from her personality, “She’s more different from me. We both love our families so much and fight for our families, but when it comes to love she loves only with her heart. The circumstances towards the end for Erica were a first for me. It was difficult to bear and accept.”

Rocco, in turn, skillfully portrays the role of Gavin, a gentleman who likes to take care of his woman. As a chef and an entrepreneur, he takes his responsibilities seriously and is keen on proving his worth.

“This story reveals what goes on a husband’s mind. And how self-esteem affects the decisions of a husband,” Rocco shares. “A boyfriend, fiancé or a husband will be able to relate because the issues in the scenes we will show are issues men tend to hide or not talk about with their spouse. In a way, this will open the eyes of men who feel a plateau in their relationship.”

Meanwhile, Max steps into the role of Dominique, a successful interior designer who is smart, an alpha female, has a high sense of worth and doesn’t like being taken for granted.

Max reveals that in some ways, she relates to her character.

“Dominique is brave and confident, but at the same time, she has many flaws and is trying to find herself. I can relate to her in those aspects,” she quipped. “It’s the first time I’ve ever over-prepared for a role. I embraced every part of her, the good and the bad.”

Playing equally important roles are Roi Vinzon as Giovanni, Millet’s domineering husband; Ina Feleo as Quel, Dominique’s loyal cousin; Valeen Montenegro as Sofia, Gavin’s business partner; Bing Pimentel as Millet, Gavin’s mother who is the image of a perfect housewife; Gilleth Sandico as Nanay Vicky, Erica’s mother; Luis Hontiveros as Daryl, Grace’s happy-go-lucky boyfriend; and Athenah Madrid as Grace, Gavin’s younger sister.

The series also features the special participation of Rafael Rosell as Tony Gatchalian, Erica’s charming and manipulative husband who has no qualms about taking advantage of other people’s weaknesses; and Dion Ignacio as Ian, Erica’s down-to-earth and reliable confidant.

Don Michael Perez helms the series.

Catch the brilliance and complexity of To Have and to Hold beginning September 27, weeknights, right after Legal Wives, on GMA Telebabad.