Canadians Reportedly Witness UFOs Three Times a Day

August 19, 2021 People's Tonight 301 views

Jocelyne LeBlanc August 19, 2021

According to a recent report, Canadians witness UFOs an average of three times each day. Canadian ufologist Christopher Rutkowski said, “There are about 1,000 UFO reports filed in Canada every year, and the number remains high.”

Rutkowski is part of an organization called Ufology Research which has collected and studied UFO reports in Canada dating back to 1989. Just in the year 2017, there were 1,101 UFO sightings across the country – averaging about three each day – which was incredibly the 5th highest total since 1989.

Also reported in their 2017 survey was that an average of two people witness each UFO sighting. And some of the witnesses were very credible as they were pilots, police officers, and other individuals who were trained to notice specific details. The sightings lasted an average of 15 minutes.

UFO1The majority of the sightings occurred in Quebec with 518 reports, while Ontario came in second with 241 sightings, and British Columbia rounded out the top three provinces with 128. Montreal and Toronto were the top metropolitan areas with the most sightings. While many reports can be debunked as being aircrafts, meteors, satellites, balloons, drones, etc…, approximately 8% of the sightings in 2017 couldn’t be explained.

Now onto more recent years, Rutkowski told CTV News that there are still about 1,000 UFO sightings reported in Canada each year with Ontario, Quebec, and British Columbia still topping the list. There was, however, a large increase in sightings in the Maritime Provinces that jumped from 30 sightings in 2019 to 151 just last year. “There are reports coming from coast to coast and north to south, there isn’t an area of the country that isn’t prone to UFO reports,” he stated.

As a matter of fact, UFO sightings in 2020 jumped up a whopping 46% from the previous year (a total of 1,243 sightings were reported last year). As for the reasoning behind the jump in sightings, Rutkowski said, “We have really no idea, it may have something to do with more media attention, it may have to do with more launches of satellites.” “We’re not sure, but it certainly is something that we have to factor into account when we’re studying the UFO phenomenon.”

UFO2The reports are broken down into several categories, such as how many witnesses there were, the level of “strangeness” (whether it was something other than just flashing lights, etc…), how long the sightings lasted, and how reliable the witnesses were. Additionally, they compared the shape of the alleged UFO in each case.

In a 2016 interview with The Canadian Press, Rutkowski stated, “There’s no incontrovertible evidence that aliens are visiting us, although it’s a wonderful theory,” adding that “there is a real phenomenon [that] I think is worth scientific study.”

Whether aliens are visiting us or not, those of us who are living in Canada will have to keep our eyes on the sky and just maybe we’ll see something unexplained.