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Boying laughs off ‘Bonjing’ monicker

June 2, 2023 Hector Lawas 111 views

Justice Secretary Jesus Crispin Remulla has laughed off Negros Oriental Representative Arnolfo “Arnie” Teves Jr.’s recent video on his Facebook page, saying that it revealed the suspended lawmaker’s current “mental state.”

Although Teves did not directly mention Remulla’s name in the video, he made references to an alleged tormentor named “Bonjing” (a Flipino term for the childish and immature individual who has not grown beyond their childhood.)

Teves also insinuated that “Bonjing” has an addiction to “pulbos” or a white powdery substance, possibly “cocaine.”

Teves was quoted saying, “Alam ‘nyo, nakita ko si Bonjing. Wala na. Kumbaga sa Bisaya nabuang na. Hindi mo na maintindihan. Kung ano-ano na sinasabi. Wala na sa lugar. Secretary pa naman.

Kung ano-ano sinasabi sa spin master, spin doctor.”

In response to Teves’ video, Remulla commented, “It reflects his state of mind, his respect for authority, the way he thinks about our society. I think it’s self-explanatory kung anong klaseng tao siya… He does not respect our country at all. No respect for our country or its institutions.”