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Bong Go gives overview of his first 100 days if elected President

November 19, 2021 People's Journal 255 views

SENATOR and presidential aspirant Christopher “Bong” Go vowed to continue the momentum that President Rodrigo Duterte has built during the 47th Philippine Business Conference & Expo Presidentiables’ Forum held by the Philippine Chamber of Commerce and Industry on November 17 and 18.

In a video message delivered before business leaders and policymakers on Thursday, Go promised to build an administration that will reflect the ideals, principles and love for country espoused by the President, as well as continue the programs that have benefited the Filipino people in the past five years.

“I vow to do my best every day to serve the Filipino people selflessly. Uunahin ko ang inyong kapakanan. Tapat na serbisyo lang po ang puhunan ko. At kung mapagbibigyan, walang oras ni minuto ang masasayang. Gagawin ko ang lahat maipaabot lang ang serbisyong nararapat para sa inyo … Tuloy ang serbisyo, tuloy ang malasakit, tuloy ang tunay na pagbabago,” said Go.

“The Duterte Administration has already mapped out concrete plans to sustain our nation’s gains amidst these unprecedented challenges. All we have to do is to continue to enforce, implement and improve these programs all for the welfare of our Filipino people,” he continued.

The legislator pointed out that the Philippine economy was among the fastest growing in Asia prior to the pandemic, enjoying robust growth and financial stability. The government had also been well on its way to attaining its goal of reducing the poverty incidence to 14% by 2022.

To raise the country from the ravages of COVID 19, he pledged to implement the Duterte Administration’s three-pillar strategy which consists of gradually reopening of the economy in a safe manner, ensuring the timely implementation of recovery packages, and accelerating the progress of the national vaccination program.

“Following this key strategy, we will bring our people towards recovery. And with other programs under my administration—where we will put our health sector and economy as the pinnacle of our agenda—we will bring people towards prosperity and resilience,” said Go.

To highlight his contributions to the health care sector, he cited the successful passage of his legislative priorities, particularly the Malasakit Centers Act of 2019 which provides poor and indigent patients improved access to financial support from the government. There are currently 149 fully operational Malasakit Centers nationwide, a figure which Go vowed to increase in his first 100 days in office.

“It is my goal is that every public hospital in the country will have a Malasakit Center. We will bring down to the lowest amount possible, if not zero balance, the hospital bill of our poor people,” he continued.

“I would also like to emphasize that in my administration, you can expect the same strong stance in the government’s fight against corruption, criminality and drugs. This is crucial in creating an environment conducive for business, where everyone will feel safe,” added Go.

Should his presidential run prove successful, the senator said he would prioritize putting the economy on track to return to its pre-pandemic level by pursuing a path towards rapid and inclusive economic recovery in his first 100 days.

To do so, his administration will open up more sectors, build up the tourism industry, and provide recovery packages to sectors hit hardest by COVID-19, such as agriculture and fisheries and micro, small and medium enterprises. It will also provide ten million of the poorest of the poor Filipinos financial assistance and jobs as well as improved access to zero-interest loans.

The administration will likewise pursue tax reforms that complement the Comprehensive Tax Reforms Programs of the Duterte Administration, continue the infrastructure projects of the Build, Build, Build Program, and initiate inter-island linkages or the mega-bridge program to improve the movement of goods and people across the archipelago.

Other initiatives will include providing free quality and reliable internet connectivity through a Free WiFi for all program and passage of the E-Governance, Department of Disaster Resilience, Department of Migrant Workers and Overseas Filipinos, and Center for Disease Control and Prevention bills.

“I regard President Rodrigo Duterte as the best president this country has ever had and that puts a lot of pressure to whoever succeeds him. Indeed, the successor will have big shoes to fill …Iniwasan ko ang position na ito but fate has a way of turning things around. The presidency, I believe, is a matter of destiny. I leave my fate to God and to you, my fellow Filipinos,” said Go.

“President Duterte is the epitome of a strong, brilliant and selfless leader powered by his love for the country. And just like him, I vow to do my best every day to serve the Filipino people selflessly,” he continued.

To end, the senator reaffirmed his unwavering commitment to ensuring the continuity of the legacy of the Duterte Administration. He promised to serve the Filipino people to the best of his abilities and to put their welfare and interests at the heart of his administration.

“Hindi ko hahayaan na masayang lang ang lahat ng pagod at effort ng Duterte Administration. Hinding-hindi natin sisirain ang legacy ni Pangulong Duterte. Nakita niyo naman po sa loob ng limang taon, tahimik tayong nagtatrabaho … Hintayin niyo na lang ang resulta. Let my track record speak for itself. I am a man of action,” said Go.

“Ako ang inyong Mr. Malasakit, uunahin ko ang bayan at ang Pilipino sa pagbibigay ng serbisyong walang tulog. Tutulungan natin ang lahat. Ito ang serbisyong Tatak Duterte.”


Bong Go bares business, economic plans in front of industry leaders

PRESIDENTIAL aspirant Senator Christopher Lawrence “Bong” T. Go emphasized the importance of continuing the programs of the Duterte Administration, particularly those that promote economic growth and improve the welfare of Filipinos.

Go presented his campaign platform, including his plans related in business and the economy, in front of members of the Philippine Chamber of Commerce and Industry (PCCI), the largest business organization in the country, during PCCI’s Presidentiables’ Forum held on November 18, which was conducted as part of the 47th Philippine Business Conference and Expo.

In his opening statement, Go underscored his battle cry of “Serbisyong may tapang at malasakit.” He vowed to continue to enforce, implement, and improve the current Administration’s programs that include among others the Pondo sa Pagbabago at Pag-asenso (P3) microfinancing scheme program that provided assistance to micro, small, and medium enterprises (MSMEs), especially those that were greatly affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Go further said that his Administration will aim for recovery by 2022 by providing assistance to MSMEs by giving access to credit and financial assistance to distressed businesses, and mandating government financial institutions to expand their credit programs to assist affected MSMEs in meeting their liquidity needs.

Go also believes that the Build Build Build program should be continued to fuel economic recovery, and plans to continue partnering with the private sector, improve tax collections, and exercise prudent fiscal management to ensure sustainability of the program.

For the agriculture and fisheries sectors, Senator Go said he will continue to build agriculture support systems and infrastructure, and enhance the National Rice Program, Rice Competitiveness Enhancement Fund, and other programs for farmers and fisherfolk.

Go likewise fully supports digital transformation and increasing productivity, citing the proposed E-Governance Act, which he authored in the Senate, and can serve as a blueprint and model in transforming many processes digitally.

On education, Go assured that the implementation of the Duterte Administration’s legacy that ensured greater access to quality education and training that provided free tuition fees in state colleges and universities, will continue in his Administration.

In closing, Go assured the business sector that sustaining the gains of the Duterte Administration, which he articulated as one with a proven track record of competence and compassionate service, will be the way to go to sustain the nation’s gains amidst the unprecedented challenges of our times.