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‘Biting more than they can chew’

April 26, 2021 Paul M. Gutierrez 291 views

IN his ‘SONA’ (State of the Nation Address) last April 22 as reported by the BBC, Russian President Vladimir Putin, has warned the ‘West’ (read: Europe, USA) of not “crossing the red line” in their machinations against Russia or face “rapid and harsh” response.

And the ‘red line,’ as Putin also warned them, is what Russia said it would be.

Amazingly, Putin’s warning did not draw the same rapid and harsh reaction from Europe and the United States which has been sporting for (another) war since Pres. Joe Biden took office last January.

Had it been China talking, we can be sure that the condemnation would be swift, rapid and harsh.

Russia, of course, has been striving to regain territories it had lost after the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991, territories that had been part of Russia since the time of the Czars with some of them much earlier, like the Ukraine, where Putin has his eyes on.

Thus, to the disappointment of the “war freaks” among us, including the braggarts among our active and retired military general, the most likely conflict area would not be the West Philippine Sea (as they and Uncle Sam pray) but, Europe.

As an economy now largely sustained by its wars of aggression everywhere, Putin’s warning would be music to the ears of the American military-industrial complex and its ruling elite (the Deep State) on the mistaken notion that war with Russia is “winnable.’ Well, it is not. It will bring the entire world down with them.

Should the West stupidly take for granted Putin’s warning (they always do because of their inherent racial superiority complex), then we’ll all be in deep trouble.

As for the United States, it would also be colossal madness and stupidity on its part to believe that together with Europe, they can take on the might of Russia—while also engaging China.

For what is going to happen is that they would have to also engage China, whether China likes it or not, because China has no choice but to place its resources under the disposal of Russia.

No, China would not be a global trader, supplying everyone’s needs when this conflict starts because Russia’s survival also means the survival of China.

Remember that China entered the Korean War and supported Vietnam selflessly because China knew that only by doing so can its survival be assured. And its strategic calculation paid off.

And besides, the US has been sporting to attack China since the end of World War 2; it would be a good excuse to attack China as soon as war with Russia starts.

And here is where the US and the West would be “biting off more than they can chew.”

Whether they like it or not, they don’t have the resources necessary in the conduct of modern war whose end is nowhere in sight. Besides, both the people of Russia and China are accustomed to great sacrifices. History books (and internet sites) are full of their details.

Short of the use of the “Bomb” until this coming military struggle ends, my bold prediction is that this war can last upwards for the next 30 years, minimum.

And in the end, we are going to ask ourselves: Is it worth it when there are really no winners but only losers?