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Binay family must unite

June 20, 2023 Mario Fetalino Jr. 257 views

Mario FetalinoMakati Mayor Abbie Binay must be in a bind after the SC ruled that certain portions of her city are now part of Taguig.

With the local chief executive taking flaks from everywhere, she needs help from dependable allies. And who could be more dependable than her family?

The Binay family remains fragmented up to now due to politics. But its members should set aside their differences at the moment so they could unite and help a family member overcome her problems.

Former Makati Mayor Jejomar Binay should take the lead in turning his family into a cohesive team once more to fight Abbie’s detractors.

One of Abbie’s problems is the claim that Makatizens don’t support her “tuloy ang laban” campaign on the issue of transferring 10 barangays to the jurisdiction of Taguig. Her critics alleged that many residents are in favor of the transfer as they want to avoid the excessive politicking in Makati.

There are also reports that when the SC’’s final and executory decision on the Taguig-Makati territorial dispute came out, many residents said they were open to moving to Taguig to change the “political atmosphere”.

Another problem for Abbie is that PEMBO residents were said to have sent a letter to the Taguig local government where they expressed their desire for the takeover process to be finally executed.

Abbie should destroy the notion from the letter that PEMBO residents are asking for help from Taguig to speed up the transition so they can be formally considered as Taguigeno.

Besides, Taguig now provides similar benefits to their residents, they said.

The Binay family should be concerned that more Makati residents are expressing their support for the SC decision. For example, a vendor said his family is in favor of moving to Taguig as getting business permits might be easier in the city.

On the other hand, a trader who has been a resident of Makati since 1982, said that although it saddens her to be transferred to Taguig, she understands that the SC has decided and everyone must comply

Further a driver said it would be interesting to experience the way Taguig administers the city and take care of its residents so he is in favor to be a Taguigeno.

Jejomar and his other children should come to the rescue of their embattled family member.

Obviously, Abbie’s opponents are taking advantage of the rift among members of the Binay family.


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