Bigfoot or Wolf? Mysterious Tracks in Alaska Baffles Locals

November 29, 2021 People's Tonight 639 views

Jocelyne LeBlanc March 15, 2021

Mysterious footprints found in Alaska have locals baffled and many wondering if they were left by Bigfoot. The four-toed tracks, which were discovered on a trail at Denali National Park and Preserve (located approximately 230 miles north of Anchorage), were very unusual as they were on top of the ice instead of in it.

Park rangers posted pictures of the footprints to their Facebook page on March 8th with a caption that seemingly explained that they were made by a wolf, reading in part, “These raised tracks were created when a wolf compressed the snow under its paws and then a strong wind blew the surrounding loose snow away. The effect is a dramatic chain of raised tracks on the bare overflow ice just off the Mountain Vista Loop trail.”

But not everyone is convinced of their explanation as many people have pointed out that the prints could have only been made by someone (or something) with two legs, but the park had an explanation for that too, stating, “Wolves have a very efficient stride and often put their hind foot directly in the track of the front foot, leading to an almost straight line of tracks like you see here.”

Bigfoot2Furthermore, the tracks were quite large which led many to theorize that a Bigfoot made them. Alaska has had a lot of Bigfoot sightings over the years. In Wrangell, there were several sightings during the early part of the 1900s that included the creature carefully carrying a 3-year-old girl back to her home after she got lost in the woods.

There have been numerous sightings in Port Chatham and several of those reports claimed that the tall ape-like creature was aggressive towards humans. Residents were so terrified of the beast that they actually abandoned they homes and left the area.

A man who was out fishing near Ketchikan in 1956 reportedly saw an 8-foot-tall, 400-pound creature that walked on two legs similar to an ape. Then in the 1960s, several sightings occurred in the woods of Galena but the creature quickly moved away so that locals couldn’t get a long look at it. Those living in Huslia back in the 1970s saw the creature numerous times walking around at night. Those are just a few of the many sightings around Alaska over the years.

Bigfoot1Now, getting back to the most recent tracks spotted at Denali National Park and Preserve, despite park rangers claiming that they were made from a combination of wolf prints and strong winds, the fact that so many Bigfoot sightings have been reported in Alaska makes you wonder if the tracks were in fact made by the elusive creature.

Pictures of the tracks can be seen here as well as on the park’s Facebook page.

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