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BI to deport Briton for abuse of Pinay wife

November 26, 2021 Willy M. Balasa 305 views

BUREAU of Immigration BI agents arrested a British man in Cebu who was accused of being an undesirable alien by his Filipino wife for allegedly abusing and maltreating her.

BI Commissioner Jaime Morente identified the Briton as 72-year-old Charlton William Sydney, who was arrested on Monday in a beach resort in Sta. Fe, Bantayan, Cebu by agents from the BI intelligence division.

Morente said he issued a mission order for Sydney’s arrest after the BI board of commissioners decided to cancel his permanent resident visa for being an undesirable alien.

“Let this serve as a warning to other aliens who maltreat and abuse our Filipino women. We can always have you deported if you abuse our hospitality and commit acts of violence against our countrymen,” the BI chief declared.

According to BI intelligence chief Fortunato Manahan Jr., Sydney is a previous holder of a permanent visa which he acquired by reason of his marriage to a Filipina.

The said visa was, however, canceled by the BI last year after a complaint for undesirability was filed against him by his wife.

In her complaint, Sydney’s estranged wife claimed that her husband had physically, psychologically and emotionally abused her when they were living together.

In its order cancelling Sydney’s visa, the BI board ruled that “there is substantial reason to believe that respondent committed acts that are inimical to the general welfare” and that “his presence in the Philippines already poses risk to public interest.”

The board further stated that the Briton violated the conditions and limitations of his stay as a holder of a permanent resident visa, thus he is no longer entitled to such a visa.

As a consequence, Sydney’s name shall be included in the BI’s blacklist of aliens, perpetually barring him from re-entering the country.