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BI deports South Korean wanted for illegal gambling

June 29, 2023 Jun I. Legaspi 231 views

The Bureau of Immigration has ordered the deportation of a South Korean wanted in his home country for setting up illegal gambling websites.

The South Korean was identified as Choi Sunghee, 38, who departed the country last June 20 on board a Jeju Air flight bound for Incheon.

Commissioner Norman Tansingco said that Choi had set up illegal gambling websites in his home country that enticed users to bet on domestic and foreign sports.

He reportedly amassed more than 16 billion won from the website’s members.

Under South Korean laws, no person other than the Seoul Olympic Sports Promotion Foundation or an authorized entity can issue sports betting tickets or similar things to win at betting.

Violators of this law are punishable by imprisonment with hard labor for not more than seven years or pay a fine not exceeding 70 million won.

Following the information, Choi is set to be blacklisted, perpetually banning him from re-entering the Philippines.

Tansingco emphasized, “We greatly value our collaboration with foreign governments in combating transnational crimes and ensuring effective immigration control.

Through these partnerships, we exchange vital information and work together to protect our borders from those who may seek to undermine our security.”