‘Ber’ months

October 15, 2021 People's Tonight 588 views

IN two weeks time, people across the globe, including the more than 110 million Filipinos, say goodbye to October, the second of the four “ber months” of the year.

This means that Christmas, a much-awaited event in this Asian nation and other Christian countries across the world, is just around the corner, bringing hope to the people.

Usually, the long and joyous holiday season in impoverished Philippines, which is one of the few predominantly Christian countries in Asia, starts on September 1.

However, many Filipinos, particularly those in the countryside, start bringing out and hanging their old Christmas decors after the celebration of All Saints’ Day.

This early, village officials have already lighted a 100-meter long stretch of the national highway in Pindangan East, Alcala, Pangasinan, drawing cheers from passersby.

The barangay officials want to complete the installation of multi-colored Christmas lights along the kilometer-long and busy national highway before November 1.

And no less than President Duterte has expressed optimism that Filipinos may see a better Christmas this year, citing the increasing number of people being inocculated.

Duterte noted that major cities are hitting their targets of vaccinating at least 50 percent of their population.

“If we continue to ramp up the vaccination of our people…then we can hope for a better and truly Merry Christmas,” said Duterte during a late night pre-recorded public address on Monday.

In the view of various quarters, this would demonstrate to all the determination of the government to win the battle against the dreaded and deadly coronavirus disease 2019.