Bell Bea Bell displays winning form.

Bell Racing’s Bea Bell triumphs in Triple Crown 2nd leg

June 23, 2024 People's Tonight 190 views

IN a breathtaking showdown at the Metro Manila Turf Club, the second leg of the Triple Crown was nothing short of electrifying.

Last June 16, the air was thick with anticipation as Bea Bell, the pride of Bell Racing Stable, clinched a hard-fought victory, pocketing the hefty sum of P1,500,000.

The duo of jockey Jonathan Hernandez and trainer Donato S. Sordan proved unbeatable, guiding Bea Bell to a surge of triumph.

But the true heart-stopper came in the final moments of the race when Ghost, winner of the 1st leg, born of He’s Had Enough and Smooth Charm, unleashed a staggering burst of speed.

In a valiant effort to overtake Bea Bell, Ghost’s attempt was a spectacle that had spectators on the edge of their seats.

Although Ghost fell just short, securing second place, the performance was a testament to the sheer will and prowess of the team from SC Stockfarm Inc., including the adept jockey John Alvin A. Guce and the astute trainer Ruben S. Tupas, earning them a respectable P500,000.

The Hopeful Stakes Race saw Still Somehow, offspring of Cat Brulay and Rockmyworld, emerge victorious under the deft leadership of trainer Raymundo E. Mongaya and the expert riding of jockey John Allyson T. Pabilic, claiming a prize of P600,000 for owner Tisha T. Sevilla.

Meanwhile, in the 3YO Locally Bred Stakes Race, Primavera, descended from Top Billing and Lorinda, raced to glory, securing a win and a reward of P300,000.

Owned by Benjamin C. Abalos Jr., Primavera was propelled to success by trainer Claudio C. Angeles and jockey Patricio R. Dilema, adding another thrilling chapter to the day’s races.