SAR SAR CONTINUES – Now on its fourth day, the search for the missing Cessna 206 plane in Isabela province led by the Philippine Air Force’s Tactical Operating Group-2 continues. Photo courtesy of the PAF-TOG-2/CAAP

Bad weather hinders search for missing plane

January 27, 2023 Jun I. Legaspi 474 views


BAD weather condition is hindering the conduct of search and rescue (SAR) for the six persons onboard the missing Cessna 206 aircraft, according to an official of the Philippine Air Force (PAF).

In a press briefing via teleconferencing, the PAF-Tactical Operating Group-2 (TOG-2) explained that bad weather condition has forced them to discontinue their search for the location of the missing Cessna 206 aircraft (RP-C1174) in Isabela that was reported several days ago.

“Kahit nga po ‘yung drone na ginagamit natin hindi maipalipad dahil sa masamang panahon,” the PAF said.

The TOG-2 team could not give further information regarding the status of the condition of the missing aircraft and its six passengers including the pilot.

The TOG-2 described the area as mountainous and rough terrain.

“Puro bundok siya, puro puno, at medyo mahirap talaga ang terrain. Mga apat na oras na lakaran bago mo marating ‘yung suspected areas kung saan naireport nawala ‘yung aircraft,” the SAR said.

Meanwhile, the Civil Aviation Authority of the Philippines (CAAP) in a statement said further details have been released regarding the missing Cessna 206 aircraft.

Close monitoring and coordination with concerned agencies and local government units (LGU) are still in place, with the CAAP providing information and participating in the Incident Management Team.

The six missing persons onboard the aircraft whose ages range from 10 to 59 years old are still being located by the PAF, which is conducting aerial search in the vicinity where the aircraft went missing.

The Philippine Army, LGUs of Maconacon and Divilacan, together with the Bureau of Fire Protection and the Philippine National Police, also conducted ground search in the areas of concern.

As of Friday, CAAP issued notice to airmen BO391/23, covering the area 13NM South of Naguilian, 13NM West of Naguilian, 17NM North to 17NM East of Maconacon Airport, with an estimated total area of more than 1,000 square nautical miles for the whole probable search area.

As the weather condition is expected to improve today, the SAR team will continue its attempt to find the missing aircraft.

A relative of four of the six passengers of the Cessna 206 that went missing Tuesday has asked the people for prayers.

The plane departed from Cauayan Airport at 2:15 p.m. and its last contact with the air traffic controller was at 2:19 p.m. when it was within the vicinity of Naguillian Bridge.