Bad news

June 14, 2024 People's Tonight 88 views

THE bad news is that three overseas Filipino workers (OFWs) died and two others suffered serious injuries in a building fire in Kuwait on June 12.

The fire broke out at dawn Wednesday at the building that served as the dormitory for the 196 foreign workers employed by a construction firm.

Reports reaching the Philippines said the three fatalities died of smoke inhalation, while the two injured OFWs were in critical condition in the hospital.

The five were among 11 OFWs who worked for the Kuwaiti construction company. The remaining six Filipinos are unharmed.

The Department of Migrant Workers (DMW) in Manila instructed its personnel in Kuwait to look after the welfare of the affected OFWs.

DMW Secretary Hans Leo Cacdac ordered his officers to coordinate with the Philippine Embassy in Kuwait to ensure the early repatriation of the remains of the fatalities.

“We will provide all the necessary assistance and support to the OFWs and their families in this difficult time as directed by the President,” said Cacdac.

In the view of many, the tragic fire in Kuwait has thrust outfront anew the need for the government to come up with more pro-OFW measures.

Let’s not forget that the dollar remittances of our millions of migrant workers across the globe continue to prop up the struggling Philippine economy.

Without doubt, we do have the legal and moral responsiblity to ensure the health, safety and welfare of our so-called “modern-day heroes.”