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Azurin welcomes much improved PH ranking on global rule of law

October 30, 2022 Alfred P. Dalizon 295 views

AzurinPHILIPPINE National Police (PNP) chief, General Rodolfo S. Azurin Jr. yesterday said that an international civil society organization report which cited a much improved ranking of The Philippines in the global rule of law index this year will further inspire them to enhance their performance in fighting criminality with the protection of human rights as a primordial concern.

The top cop cited the report released by the World Justice Project (WJP) on its official website on Wednesday last week. The WJP is an international civil society organization founded in 2017 to advance the rule of law around the world.

“The Philippines’ improvement in “order and security” parameters as noted by WJP in its 2022 Rule of Law Index is a fair statement and objective acknowledgement of the initiatives of the national institution in upholding the rule of law in its enforcement, prosecution, judiciary, corrections and community pillars of the criminal justice system,” Gen. Azurin said.

According to the top police official, the PNP takes pride of its own initiatives at reforming police systems and procedures to cope with the ever-changing demand for better police service to the communities.

“Law enforcement to become effective must be founded on respect for human rights and the rule of law,” he said.

The WJP report said that while 85 out of 140 countries experience decline in the rule of law as stated by the organization, the Philippines surpassed its own previous ranking in the February to June 2022 survey of WJP among 154,000 households and 3,600 legal practitioners.

“I sincerely thanked all police officers and other stakeholders who have worked diligently to achieve this milestone for our country, and urged everyone to continually perform their sworn duties with dedication and commitment,” Gen. Azurin said.

A 2020 ‘Global Law and Order’ survey of Gallup also showed that The Philippines received an index score of 84 in law and order and ranked 12th along with Australia, New Zealand and Poland.

The survey also includes the citizens’ confidence in the police, said the Center for Police Strategy and Management.

Gen. Azurin also expressed confidence that there will be a continuing downward trend of crime in the country amid their much-improved visibility patrols and other anti-crime measures aimed at deterring criminality.

According to the top cop, the onset of the last quarter of the year is showing encouraging signs of continuing downtrend in Index crime incidents as gleaned from the Index Crime data in August and September 2022.

He said that based on records from the PNP Crime Information Reporting and Analysis System, there has been a sharp decrease in index crimes over the past two months, or by 11.98 percent or 366 from 3,056 cases in August down to the 2,690 in September.

The reduction in index crimes is particularly noted in Luzon by 5.96 percent or 102 incidents; Visayas by 10.24 percent of 67 incidents; and Mindanao by 28.47 percent or 197 cases.

Gen. Azurin said that among the eight focus crimes, cases of homicide, rape and murder posted the biggest reduction during the August to September period at 26.09 percent; 25.99 percent and 20.67 percent respectively.

Cases of physical injury also posted a similar double-digit decline at 15 percent while a single-digit decline was recorded in incidents of theft, robbery and motorcycle theft.

However, CIRAS records showed a 5.88 percent increase in cases of motor vehicle theft.

“We remain optimistic that this downward trend of crime will prevail until the holiday season in December onwards to the New Year when maximum deployment of police and security personnel is expected in anticipation of increased public activities,” Gen. Azurin said.

The PNP chief challenged all police units and personnel to work harder to respond quickly to crime reports. He also batted for a continuing stepped up anti-criminality information drive to help arrest and prevent crimes.

The top cop last month congratulated the men and women of the 226,000-strong organization who have contributed well in the high approval rating given by the public to the administration of President Ferdinand ‘Bongbong’ R. Marcos Jr. during its 1st 100 days

“Congratulations everyone on our efforts to bring peace and security to every Filipinos. I am certain we can still raise the bar and improve some more,” the top cop in noting the Marcos administration’s high approval rating for its handling of several key issues including fighting criminality and law enforcement.

Results of a most recent Pulse Asia survey showed that respondents gave the PBBM administration a 67 percent and 62 percent approval rating respectively when it comes to fighting criminality and law enforcement.

“Team work, unity of command and unity of direction for a common goal will give us better accomplishments! Aim high and we soar higher,” said Gen. Azurin as he maintained that every member of the PNP will always strive to work their best everyday, and with the help of all sectors in the community including the Church leaders, the vision of President Marcos Jr. for a robust economy will be a reality.

“Tulong tulong tayo para sa isang Maayos, Mapayapa at Maunlad na Pamayanan,” the PNP chief said.

According to Pulse Asia, the Marcos administration received majority approval ratings on 11 of the 13 issues on which its performance was assessed in September 2022.

Pulse Asia’s September 2022 Nationwide Survey on Urgent Concerns and the Performance Ratings of the National Administration on Selected Issues showed that appreciation was the majority sentiment toward the present administration’s work in the following:–calamity response (78%); -controlling the spread of COVID-19 (78%;)

-promoting peace in the country (69%) ; -protecting the welfare of overseas Filipino workers (68%) ; -fighting criminality (67%) ;-law enforcement (62%); -creating more jobs (59%); -increasing workers’ pay (59%); -fighting graft and corruption in government (58%); -environment protection (57%); and -defense of the country’s territorial integrity (52%).

The Pulse Asia survey was conducted from September 17 to 21 and had 1,200 respondents nationwide.