Azurin orders probe into ‘pilfered ‘ 42 kilos of shabu

October 24, 2022 Alfred P. Dalizon 420 views

PHILIPPINE National Police chief General Rodolfo S. Azurin Jr. yesterday said there is already an ongoing investigation into the reported ‘pilferage’ of 42 kilograms of shabu worth P285.6 million by a group of policemen involved in the seizure of an estimated P6.7 billion worth of the so-called ‘poor man’s cocaine’ in Manila last October 8.

The top cop said he will make sure that officers and men involved in the said ‘drug pilferage’ will be unmasked and charged in court with offenses that will result to their dismissal from the police service.

“This is part of our ongoing effort to finally stop cases of drug recycling. Right now, the investigation is ongoing and we have not been mentioning any names. We don’t accuse anybody so far,” Gen. Azurin said.

The PNP chief expressed wonder over some news articles which have been in defense of two police generals when they are not even identified or mentioned in the ongoing probe.

“I don’t know the motive kung bakit me naglalabas nito. Floating ang sinasabing dalawang heneral but in fairness to them, me mga career and reputation ang mga ito, me mga pamilya kaya it’s very unfair to them kung i-iidentify sila, kung ma-memention ang names nil ana wala namang nagtuturo sa kanila,” Gen. Azurin said.

Journal Group sources said that the 42 kilos of shabu were part of the more than 990 kilos of the prohibited drug recovered during a PNP Drug Enforcement Group-led anti-narcotics operation in Manila last October 8.

The PNP-DEG headed by Brigadier Gen. Narciso D. Domingo has been ordered by Gen. Azurin to fully investigate the ‘pilferage case’ with the help of an inter-agency task force.

Sources said that right after the PNP-DEG reported the major drug haul to the press, it received an information that some officers involved in the October 8 operation hid a huge volume of the drug evidence.

Brig. Gen. Domingo asked those responsible for the caper to immediately surrender the drugs or be hunted. Right after the stern warning was given, the 42 kilograms of shabu were returned to the PNP-DEG custody.

Following the incident, Gen. Azurin ordered a thorough probe into the matter. Brig. Gen. Domingo has also expelled a number of operatives outside of the PNP-DEG in connection with the anomaly.