Atty. Lopez condems allegations vs late dad

March 31, 2022 People's Tonight 465 views

ATTY. Alex Lopez strongly condemned Asenso Manilenyo’s statement on its allegations against his father.

Atty. Lopez said the involvement of the name of his late father, lowers the moral standard and is not suitable for a civilized society.

The people behind Asenso Manilenyo have tried to silence the critics to protect the current city administration. They also threatened to blacken the memories of the deceased loved ones of their critics.

Asenso Manilenyo’s accusation against Mel Lopez is impossible because he served as mayor from 1986 to 1992 and after that many other administrations sat in the City of Manila.

It is sad to think that Asenso Manilenyo’s statements are pure deception about the sale of Manila city properties. Other major cities, have never sold its assets to augment their budgets for COVID-19 response. The sale of the Divisoria Public Market is used to salvage their slippery grip on power, with no regard to people honestly seeking livelihood.

One of the main platforms of Atty. Alex Lopez is to ensure that Manilenyos will have jobs and livelihood.

Lopez will consider the welfare of every citizen so that they can achieve their modest dream of living in prosperity and peace.

Atty. Lopez will advocate for the rights of small entrepreneurs and will allocate corresponding funds they can utilize to put up new enterprise and grow their respective businesses.