Attention for children

October 29, 2021 Mario Fetalino Jr. 134 views

Mario FetalinoTHE pandemic has given rise to problems on all fronts. We are trying to solve dilemmas in health, business, labor and other important areas of concern.

Amid this situation, we might forget equally relevant if not the most vital sector that need attention. It’s good to have organizations that take care of specific groups vulnerable to the pandemic like our children.

On World Food Day, Cargill Philippines joined forces with Save the Children Philippines to launch a comprehensive program that provided access to improved health and nutrition services, livelihood, and interventions to support the needs of thousands of Filipino children and their families.

The partnership also aims to help communities recover from socioeconomic setbacks caused by the Covid-19 pandemic and other natural disasters.

With an estimated 5.7 million children under five years old on the brink of starvation across the globe, the world is facing the biggest global hunger crisis of the 21st century.

The Philippines ranks ninth in the world with the highest stunting prevalence where one in three Filipino children in the age group of 0 to 5 is stunted for their age. This serious condition could be irreversible after two years, unless treated.

Meanwhile, national statistics also revealed that 4.2 million Filipino families are experiencing hunger with 16.8 percent coming from lack of food as one of the results of the COVID-19 restrictions, which also raised numerous problems in the economy and have thrown many out of work.

In response to this, Cargill Philippines, in partnership with Save the Children, introduced three innovative projects to benefit children and communities in Batangas, Bulacan and Cagayan province in the next three years.

Cargill Philippines is deeply committed to building sustainable food supply chains in local communities and creating meaningful environmental, social and economic impacts.

It said driving greater focus on its sustainability initiatives allows the movement to contribute toward enriching farming communities and providing them with improved access to nutrition and livelihood.

Sonny Catacutan, president of Cargill Philippines and managing director of Cargill Animal Nutrition and Health Philippines said the hybrid ceremonial partnership launch was held in Batangas, which was attended in limited capacity by officials from Cargill Philippines and Save the Children Philippines, together with key stakeholders, including Santo Tomas, Batangas Vice Mayor Armenius Silva.

These projects will go a long way in promoting agriculture while ensuring welfare of children in the city of Santo Tomas.

“You have our full support in sustaining this project and you can rely that we will be your ally in our common goal for food security,” said Silva.

“We commend Cargill Philippines’ unwavering support and commitment with Save the Children to uphold the rights of children and give them a better future through the different projects that are embodied in this meaningful partnership,” said Atty. Alberto Muyot, chief executive officer of Save the Children Philippines.


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