Atomic energy regulatory body creation sought

March 27, 2023 Jester P. Manalastas 126 views

A measure that seeks to establish the Philippine Atomic Energy Regulatory Authority has been approved in the House special Committee on Nuclear Energy.

Committee chair Pangasinan Representative Mark Cojuangco said the substitute bill provides for a comprehensive legal framework for radiation protection, nuclear security and safeguards, and safety in the peaceful utilization of nuclear energy in the Philippines.

Under the substitute bill among the objectives of the proposed Act is to establish the Philippine Atomic Energy Regulatory Authority, otherwise known as PhilATOM with the functions and responsibilities set forth in the Act; establish a legal framework to be implemented by the Authority (Philippine Atomic Regulatory Authority), including the issuance of regulations, to govern and facilitate the peaceful, safe and secure uses of nuclear energy, and protect the people and the environment, now and in the future against the harmful effects of ionizing radiation.

Prior to its approval, Cojuangco cited to the panel the amendment on Section 10 on transparency and protection of information was raised for amendment.

The amendment reads as: “all information pertaining to risks involving the nuclear facilities and incidents and abnormal occurrences that could have an impact on public health, safety and the environment must be made public in a timely and accessible manner.”

After expert resource persons have provided their inputs on proposed amendments to certain provisions of the substitute bill and were adopted.