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Arrogant, snobbish gov’t people solons’ pet peeve

April 10, 2023 Camille P. Balagtas 229 views

SENATOR Raffy Tulfo filed a resolution seeking to investigate the arrogant and snobbish government workers who are creating an atmosphere of fear and mistrust in public institutions, agencies and offices.

Tulfo’s SR 554 aims to craft and promote the “Anti-Taray” bill that will impose tougher penalties on government workers guilty of misconduct, harassment, and even human rights violations.

Tulfo said it’s common to hear complaints, especially from poor citizens, that they were not properly assisted by government workers on duty; worse, they were being insulted, humiliated, and shouted at.

“Panahon na upang maparusahan ang mga kawani ng gobyerno na nambabastos, namamahiya, naninigaw at kumakawawa sa mga kababayan natin na pumupunta sa kanilang tanggapan para makipagtransaksyon. Ang empleyado ng gobyerno dapat ay pasensyoso at nagseserbisyo, hindi nagsusuplado,!” he said.

Tulfo said government workers should be respectful, patient and understanding in discharging their duties, stressing that they are not worthy to hold a position in public office if they cannot be courteous to the public.

This is particularly expected of government workers on duty during this week-long Holy Week break, including immigration officers who will be attending to the bulk of Filipinos traveling to their respective provinces and PNP officials expected to maintain peace and security in different destinations nationwide.

He added that government workers should treat the Filipino public as their boss since their compensation are being paid for by the citizens.

It can be recalled that several complaints have surfaced online relating not only to immigration and airport personnel, but across government offices such as those providing health and welfare services, public utilities, transportation and communication services, the Philippine National Police, educational and training institutions – all relating to the arrogant, harassing and condescending behavior of government frontliners.

In fact, in a 2020 survey conducted by the Development Academy of the Philippines designed to measure citizens’ and businesses’ ratings of frontline government services, results showed a decline in the citizen satisfaction score of government services, from 86.93 in 2018 to 70.14 in 2020 .

Once crafted and passed into law, the Anti-Taray Bill will sanction rude and snobbish government workers with dismissal from service and perpetual disqualification from public office.