Antonio La Rubia abduction: robots, hallucinations or fabrication?

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On September 15, 1977 near Paciencia, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Antonio La Rubia, a 33-year-old bus driver, encountered a huge object he estimated to be 70 meters across. The object had set down in a field near his home. He attempted to leave the area but was unable to do so. At the moment he started to run an intense bright light lit up the area and he was instant paralyzed. At that point, Antonio witnessed three ‘robots’ positioned near him. He was then abducted and taken into the craft.

REPORT: APRO Bulletin, Vol. 26 No. 4, Oct. 1977 – “Brazilian CE4 Case” – We are indebted to Field Investigator Irene Granchi of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, for the details of an alleged and very bizarre abduction case. With her characteristic thoroughness, Mrs. Granchi forwarded translations of the complete texts of the newspaper stories from “0 Dia” which initially carried the story and which included a number of errors which she cleared up before submitting her final report. The details follow:

Mrs. Granchi first traveled to Paciencia, the site of the incident (about 45 kilometers or about 28 miles from Rio) on Saturday, October 8, and interviewed Dr. Neli Carbonel, who examined the victim. However, she (Mrs. Granchi) was not able to interview the percipient, Antonio La Rubia, as he was still very upset. He promised to come to Rio when he was feeling better and talk to Mrs. Granchi and on October 18th he arrived at her home with his brother Arnaldo.

Because she had only 40 minutes to devote to him, as she had to go to the Cultura to teach her classes, this is more or less a preliminary report. Mrs. Granchi intends to do further work on the case and if further pertinent information is forthcoming, it will be published in the Bulletin.

Antonio La Rubia habitually arises at 2:00 a.m., brushes his teeth, washes and leaves his home at 2:15 or 2:20 a.m. On the morning in question he feels he must have left at 2:20 for that was when his watch stopped. He walked to a large field near his home and when he got to the near corner of it, he stopped short, for in the field sat an object which he estimated to be 70 meters (235 feet) across, at least, as the field is 70 meters across and the object’s bulk extended beyond the boundaries of the field.

Antonio thought the object, which was a dull leaden color and shaped like a hat, was resting on the ground. However, a search made by Mrs. Granchi and Antonio at a later date revealed no vestiges of a landing, such as impressions, burned grass, etc., although Mrs. Granchi feels they could have missed them.

As soon as Mr. La Rubia realized what he was seeing (he had never believed in the existence of UFOs previously) he decided to run back home.

(Initially, La Rubia thought the object was the bus he had to ride to go to the terminal of the Oriental Bus Company where he was employed as a bus driver.)

Antonio was unable to run, however, for at the moment he decided to retreat, an intensely bright light lit up the area. La Rubia was standing by an electric pole which became illuminated by the brilliant blue light. At that moment Antonio saw three “robots” positioned near him. They were one meter, 40 centimeters (about four feet) tall, but their antennae, which jutted out of the middle (tops) of their heads extended far enough to extend beyond his height (which is approximately five feet, five inches). The heads of the creatures were shaped like American footballs, with a band extending across the middle, horizontally, which looked like a row of small mirrors of a blue shade, one a little darker than the others.

The bodies, Antonio said, were stocky, the trunk broader than his own (he is muscular, but of slender build). They had appendages for arms which he compared to elephants’ trunks, and which narrowed down to pointed tips, resembling one finger. Their bodies were made of a rough substance resembling scales. Antonio, when questioned, said he didn’t think the scales were “armor”, for the robots moved around freely and the “scales” did not seem to impede them in any way. The trunks were rounded at the bottom ending in a single leg. Antonio’s first impression was that they were sitting on something, but didn’t feel this was the case. This leg ended in a “platform” the size and shape of a saucer. Antonio compared this leg and “platform” to the stools utilized on ships. All of this outer part of the bodies looked like a dull shade of aluminum.

In the field, one of the “robots” stood in front of him, one at the side and another behind him. When the blue light had come on, he could no longer move. Antonio flailed about with his arms, but found, he was imprisoned in a “bell” (glass or Mason) jar. Otherwise he felt quite normal except that he felt quite nervous. He could not move, but the “creatures” floated along. They were all of the same stature, but one of them was holding what appeared to be a syringe (an instrument used to give an injection). This “robot” raised its appendage, pointed the syringe at La Rubia, and Antonio moved from his position without feeling it, toward the disc. Although he felt himself moving toward the disc, he does not know how he entered it. As he approached it, he felt a tremor, then found himself in a corridor of aluminum substance, and beyond it a wall. Two of the “robots” went one way, one another. He looked down the corridor, saw the field, and it seemed that the skin of the UFO was transparent and he felt the craft had lifted from the ground. He got the impression the object was moving from south to north.

As he was looking back and out, a bright blue light came on again and he now found himself in a large, circular room. The light appeared to come from the ceiling and became lighter in hue as it came down the “wall”, until it blended with the aluminum color of the walls.

In this huge chamber he saw a dozen of the “entities” on one side and another twelve on the other side; reminding him of children in a classroom because their “single legs” looked like seats.

Antonio had been struggling all the while, unable to make a sound. But suddenly he was able to shout: “What do you want? Who are you?” To his great surprise, all of the creatures fell to the floor and he assumed that the sound of his voice must have caused this. The light came on strong again, blinding him. He continued to struggle, partly from fear, but also because he had had extreme difficulty breathing since he first entered the craft. He did not hear his own breathing but could hear breathing sounds coming from the entities which was puzzling to him as they appeared to him to be robots.

When Antonio began shouting, all of the entities raised their appendages to the tip of their antennae, holding them. Prior to that, the antennae had been spinning so fast that he could not determine their exact shape. When they held them, with their appendages, he could see that their shape resembled that of a teaspoon.

The only fixture in the whole enclosure was a small piano-like affair in front of Antonio. It was a box-shaped thing about 15-17 centimeters (6 inches) in width standing on 2 supporting poles, which reached to the height of Antonio’s chest. At the extremity of the box, on each side (see sketch) there were antennae jutting up, and to one side, the keys, which reminded him of a piano.

There was also something that looked like a tin (can) on it into which the beings inserted some objects which they took from their belts.

At this juncture Antonio explained that the beings wore belts from which hung, by hooks, apparatuses which resembled syringes (injection apparatuses) which they inserted into the box (or “piano”). Each time this was done, an image appeared on the wall of the UFO in color, showing a different scene.

Antonio was shown a series of pictures in color and every time this was done, the being introduced the syringe-like thing to the “box”, pressed a key and the picture appeared. The pictures Antonio remembers are as follows:

1. Himself, nude, lying on an invisible (?) table, swinging his arms about, his legs lying straight and two of the beings examining him with their little bluish lights, directing it at his chest and head, with another entity examining his head with a blue light which had no beam. It made everything blue, including his hair (which he saw in the “picture”).

When this scene was over, another being approached the “console”, introduced another “thing” into it, and another scene appears:

2. Here Antonio saw himself, still naked, standing.

3. Antonio was dressed, carrying his shopping bag, his teeth were chattering and he looked nervous. No sound came from him, and one arm was swinging.

4. This picture showed a horse and cart, being drawn over a dirt road. Antonio did not recognize the location but there appeared a cart-man, a peasant, wearing a straw hat, bare-footed and with a torn shirt.

5. Antonio saw a picture of a light orangey ball with himself standing beside it.

6. In this picture, the “ball” was seen once again, this time bluish in color, with one of the “beings” standing beside it.

7. This picture is most difficult to describe and whereas we have condensed Mrs. Granchi’s words before, we will use her entire description: “A dog was shovm, trying to get at one of those beings, also shown in the picture the dog was big, and slobbering at the mouth, trying hard to get at the being, unable to reach it and looked very angry. Then the dog gave out 4 or 5 barks. At this point, the being started to melt, from top to bottom, like porridge.”

8. A factory was seen, apparently one of “theirs” where the UFOs (crafts?) are manufactured. The scene was white and stretched out, so he could not see the end of it. There were 3 rows of UFOs, the 2 on the right were UFOs nearly ready, and the one on the left were UFOs in the making—at the “skeleton” stage. There were “millions” of “beings” or “robots” walking around but Antonio noticed no tools.

9. This picture showed a train, like the Japanese trains currently being used in Brazil, but older, something the worse for wear, windowless, entering a tunnel, whereupon it was lost from view.

10. This showed an avenue, which Mrs. Granchi compared with Avenida Presidente Vargas, one of the busiest thoroughfares in Rio de Janeiro, jammed with cars.

Mrs. Granchi writes that Antonio’s list seems to end here but that he described a scene he saw after the one where he saw himself naked, wherein he saw himself dressed, vomiting and passing stools in this trousers. Fortunately the latter did not come to pass, as he was at home when he became very ill.

Antonio also told Mrs. Granchi about when the beings took blood from him; one of them came over to the center of the hall where he was standing, took one of the “syringes” from his belt with his right appendage, passed it over to his left appendage, where it started to rotate, spinning so fast that Antonio could not follow it with his eyes. Then the gadget was pointed at him, whereupon his arm lifted, against his will, and the syringe was stuck into the middle finger of his right hand. He saw the syringe filling until it nearly overflowed. He was sure it was his blood for it was the only color he saw in the whole place—everything else was blue or white, or metallic-like. He didn’t understand how this could be, for he did not feel the prick and there was no mark after it was accomplished. Then the being who had taken the blood pointed at a picture on the wall and drew three circles, presumably with Antonio’s blood, and dissected them with an L-shaped mark (see sketch).

Mrs. Granchi thinks that the blood-drawing experience came before, or in between the showing of pictures for Antonio says that after the busy street scene was shown he was “thrown” overboard and fell into a street almost opposite the Paciencia station. When he landed, there was one of the “beings” beside him. All his belongings were with him, even his bag, which had not been with him on the craft.

Then Antonio looked at his watch, which read 2:20 a.m. He was on the ground, looked behind him and saw nothing. He then looked up and saw what appeared to be the bottom of a dark, smooth balloon, lifting up. It was huge in size and ascended until he could no longer see it.

Mrs. Granchi asked if there had been additional witnesses and La Rubia said there was. but the man is a known drunk and therefore not reliable. He (the drunk) told numerous people he’d seen a UFO that morning.

Antonio went over to Paciencia station, asked the time and it was either 2:50 or 2:55 a.m. He set his watch at the correct time. There was a bus passing at 3:10 and he caught it and arrived at work on time. He felt ill and nervous and ached all over. He drove the bus, nevertheless, but now and again his vision darkened. He worked all day and again all day Friday, but when he arrived home that night he went to bed.

It was at this junction in his narrative that Antonio recalled another “picture” which he had forgotten. In this one he saw himself with smoke coming out of his back, and the pain and heat which he was now feeling (when he arrived home) seemed to be connected with the picture.

The pictures he saw in the UFO seemed to have depicted all of the suffering he was now experiencing except the one where he passed stools in his drawers.

Antonio told his wife nothing of what had happened to him. That Friday night his bowels were loose and he felt miserable. The next day, Saturday, he was still very ill and missed work. Sunday was the same—he could not go to work. That night (Sunday) the burning feeling started, which spread throughout his body and was very painful. His wife rubbed him with alcohol which relieved the distress somewhat. On Monday morning, he went back to the bus company to say he had to quit, and he had difficulty breathing, was burning and itching and asked a fellow employee to hose him down with water. His fellow workers told him he looked “as green as grass.” He told Mrs. Granchi that when he walked he had an empty feeling as though walking on a cloud. This feeling persisted as late as 33 days after the incident.

The Monday that he was at the bus company and experiencing the burning feeling, the company nurse wanted to give him a tranquilizing injection but he refused, afraid that it would make him worse. The personnel at the clinic thought he had gone mad and ropes were brought to constrain him and he was taken to the hospital where it was generally thought he was mad because he babbled about UFOs.

Before being taken to the hospital, however, La Rubia was given a hearing by the bus company psychologist, Dr. Nely Carbonell, who pronounced him psychologically normal but nevertheless called an ambulance to take him to the hospital.

Antonio was surprised when the hospital doctors pronounced him normal despite his extreme discomfort. However, when one of the doctors visited him for his INPS (Worker’s Employer Relief) and heard about the UFO, he called in six other doctors, saying that the case was serious and worthy of further study. Also, Antonio was registering a high fever (about 103 degrees Fahrenheit) which could have been dangerous to him had it persisted.

Mrs. Granchi does some philosophizing which is very worthwhile but which, for the sake of space, we must forego, but her closing words are very much worth quoting:

“But the most puzzling new facts in this case are the showing of the pictures, not in themselves as such, but what did the beings wish to communicate? This is the task for many specialized scientists to try to unravel. What message did they wish to convey? The simplest seems that, as we harm them, they can harm us. That there are many of them, as there are many of us. That they can tell our future but we cannot tell theirs. That they isolate people in an invisible bell (Mason) jar. And so on.

“Shall we have time to reflect on all this before they come over (arrive) in larger hordes?” Well said, Irene.


UPDATED SUMMARY – Antonio La Rubia Abduction

* Classification (Hynek): CE4

* Witness: Antonio La Rubia

* Time & Place: 2:20am, Sept 15 1977; Paciencia, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

* Entity Type (Lawson): Robot

* Craft: 200-ft-wide disc-shaped craft

* Summary: A Brazilian man is abducted by robotic entities

On September 15, 1977, a group of single-legged robots descended upon the village of Paciencia, Brazil and subjected a 33-yr-old bus driver to a terrifying ordeal.

At 2:15 that morning, Antonio La Rubia was walking to work when he saw an object like “an enormous wide hat” sitting in a field. The object was 200 feet in diameter and dull grey in colour.

La Rubia took one look at it and tried to run for his life. But the disc fired a beam of blue light at him, instantly paralysing him. Simultaneously three bizarre robots silently materialised around him.

The robots were constructed from a pattern of overlapping metallic scales. Each had an egg-shaped body with two tentacle-like arms and a single pedestal for a leg. Their rugby ball shaped heads were topped by rapidly spinning antennae.

One of the robots pointed a syringe-shaped device at La Rubia. Then the entire group floated towards the craft, together with the Brazilian.

La Rubia could not remember how he entered the craft. But somehow he found himself standing alone in a white corridor. The outer wall was transparent, and through it he could see the ground falling away beneath him. Then a blue beam of light struck him, and he suddenly found himself in a circular white chamber.

The chamber was occupied by two dozen robots identical to the ones that had captured him. They appeared to be silently communicating with one another. “Who you are? What you want?” La Rubia yelled at them. To his surprise, they promptly toppled over onto the floor.

The Brazilian was temporarily blinded by a flash of blue light. When he recovered, he found that the robots had righted themselves. They were now gathered around a small instrument console which resembled an electric organ. As they manipulated keys on the console, a series of moving images appeared on the wall of the chamber.

Many of the images were of La Rubia himself, both clothed and naked. Other scenes depicted a peasant walking beside a cart, a dilapidated train entering a tunnel, and a production line in a flying saucer factory. One particularly gruesome sequence showed the robots “melting” a dog that had attacked them.

While La Rubia was watching the picture show, one of the beings jabbed a syringe into his right middle finger and extracted blood. The being then squirted the contents of the syringe at the wall, making a pattern of three circles intersected by an ‘L’.

Without warning, La Rubia suddenly found himself outside the bus depot where he worked. One of the robots was standing beside him, and the giant disc was hovering overhead. Then the robot vanished and the disc shot straight up.

Although he went to work as usual that day, La Rubia became very ill over the weekend. He suffered from insatiable thirst, vomiting, burning throat pains and dizzy spells.

On Monday morning he returned to work and reported to the company nurse. When he told her about his abduction, she had him physically restrained, thinking he had gone mad. Luckily for La Rubia, a psychologist examined him and pronounced him sane before sending him to hospital for a check-up. It took him several days to recover from the side effects of his encounter. –

NOTE: The bus company for which La Rubia worked had a psychologist on staff. This seems somewhat odd to me though being a bus driver can have it’s own level of stress. Nonetheless, the psychologist met with La Rubia and described him as normal, before sending him to a hospital. This is definitely a strange account no matter how you look at it though, not any stranger than some of the incidents I have posted on this blog. Your thoughts? Lon


APRO Bulletin, Vol. 26 No. 4


Phantoms & Monsters

Are ‘centaurs’ actual cryptids encountered in North America?

A woman in South Carolina believes that she witnessed a ‘centaur.’ Is that possible? Well, I include reports of encounters with centaurs by the Navajo and other witnesses.

I recently came across the following account:

“I never told this story to anybody but my daughter, because I knew nobody would believe me. I don’t even believe it.

I worked at a video store back in the early 90’s in South Carolina, and this couple came up to the counter to pay for their movies. They were talking and the girl was saying I know what I saw it was a centaur. I was like huh? Her friend said, you must have been drinking something or on drugs. After they left I was thinking the same thing, that girl was on something because there’s no such think as a centaur.

Fast forward a couple of months, My boyfriend and I were going to a racetrack about an hour away from our town. We were making small conversation and I looked to the side of the road. The road we were on was known for deer and I was looking out. As I continued to look I saw a man on a horse. As we got closer it wasn’t a man on a horse he was a part of the horse. I turned to my boyfriend and asked him did he see it. He didn’t and I was not going to tell him what I saw, because he didn’t believe in that sort of thing.

I wondered if this was what the girl in the video store saw. I just can’t believe what I saw, a centaur that’s made up? Right?” MD


I received an email describing possible centaur evidence found near the Navajo Reservation in northwest New Mexico. I later forwarded it to crypto investigator JC Johnson for his assessment. I have reported on these beings in the past, it is not a cryptid that you hear much about:

When you think of a ‘Centaur’ the vision is usually of a mythological creature from Greek origin. It’s head, arms, and chest are those of a human and the rest of its body, including four legs, hindquarters, and a tail is like that of a horse.

There is the legend of Ixion who was purified by Zeus of a first murder of kin, a horrifying deed. The shameless man repaid this honor by trying to seduce Hera. The goddess told her husband. When Zeus learned about this passion he made a disguised model of Hera, a cloud likeness, to see how obsessed he was with his wife.

Ixion was so deeply in love with Hera that he slept with the disguised model. Zeus punished Ixion by chaining him to a winged and fiery wheel, which revolved forever in Tartarus. The cloud gave birth to a creature named Centaurus. It was Centaurus that descended upon a herd of Magnesian mares and conceived the Centaurs.

There have been stories of similar creatures throughout the ages but in locations that you’d most likely not imagine.

I received the following email from M.B. who is Navajo:

“Hey Lon…this is a second hand account that I heard from my father’s trusted friend. I’m sorry I can’t provide any more details than what I was told from the witness.

When my father’s friend was younger he was a Deputy for the Apache Reservation Police. I believe it happened in the early 1980s, but not sure. One night he was on patrol in his squad car alone on the reservation. He was driving along the deserted highway that passed through town. When he reached the church he saw something moving back and forth along the church, peering into the windows. He stopped the car on the highway, and observed for a while. It was too dark to make out much at first. Then, the dark shape took notice of him and began moving out of the shadows and into the front of the church.

I forget exactly whether he then moved the police car into the parking lot to intercept the man, or if he stopped the car shortly after making a move but either way the headlights helped illuminate what he saw.

Under the orange light of the street lights was a 8 foot tall Demon-Centaur!!! The bottom half was indeed a dark haired horse, while where the neck and head should have been was the upper torso of a man. The man was staring right at him as it strolled by, all 4 hooves clanking on the pavement. His skin was a dark red and it had horns on either side of his head. He said they were like ram horns, curled around on either side of his skull. He was terrified and while the thought of shooting the beast crossed his mind, he reasoned against it. He didn’t want to provoke it and have it attack him. It completed crossing the road, and down a steep slope into a farmland field below. Once it reached this open ground, he watched as it started to run away as fast as possible until it disappeared into the darkness and trees beyond.

He was deeply troubled after the encounter and couldn’t reason why a demonic creature would be looking into a building as holy as a church.

The way he told the story, you couldn’t help but believe it to be true and I’m sure that it actually happened.

I’ve had weird encounters myself, and lots and lots of 2nd hand stories from friends/family on the Navajo and Apache Reservations. I shouldn’t talk about many of those though. Being Native American, talking about these weird things can have negative repercussions to those involved.” M.B.

I contacted my friend JC Johnson, who confirmed that there have been similar sightings in the Four Corners / Navajo Reservation area for some time. In fact he forwarded a sketch of one of these creatures by Elder Leonard Dan, who states that he has had encounters with these beings:

SketchSketch by Leonard Dan

I later recalled a strange sighting in Michigan in 2006:

Location: Between Battle Creek & Bellevue, Michigan – January/February 2006 – night

A woman driving alone on a road between both towns had to slow down for a stop sign. Suddenly a creature of very large size jumped up over a snow bank and ran “10 yards a second”. It was coming towards the car. She further described the creature as “enormous and its body as white as the snow around it”. It had tiny little legs, like animal goat legs but very small. She had the impression that parts of it were like a man and other parts of it were an animal. According to her it either grabbed, or reached for the door handle but he car was locked. She said its fingers were incredibly long, “long, long fingers and nails”. It was so incredibly fast that she did not see a face or anything else. She mentioned that another car of people had also seen it too; they had stopped and looking at it at one point.

Source: unknowncreaturespot “2006 Michigan centaur sighting”

There was another incident in Melbourne, Florida:

“Three friends and I saw an apparition, possibly of a demon, when we were all around 10 years old. Myself, another boy and his two sisters were riding bikes together down a sidewalk that ran along the outskirts of our neighborhood The end of that sidewalk is at a beach-side highway in Melbourne, Florida.

Nearing the highway, with me leading the pack, the boy put his hand on my shoulder and made me stop riding. When I looked back at them, both girls were staring straight ahead with tears in their eyes, and the boy pointed for me to look. Not knowing what they could be pointing at because I had just been looking that direction when they stopped me, I looked and saw what I can only say was a centaur on the sidewalk in between us and the highway. The sun had just risen above the horizon and was at the creature’s back, so the whole figure was cast in shadow, but I could make out that it had a very muscular, had a reddish torso, a horse’s four legs and was over six feet tall. Next to it was a thicket of palmetto and palm trees from which a person could have jumped out in a clever costume, although the quickness of appearance and the incredible detail of the creature would make me doubt that.

Needless to say, my first move was to turn around and jet, and the others had already done so. Before we pedaled around the corner, I looked and it was still standing there, and I was very relieved that it was not chasing us. After we had reached a safe distance, we celebrated our escape.

Unfortunately, I lost touch with my friends when I moved away that year. When I came back at the age of 15, I lived right by the sidewalk again, and one night from my room, I heard frantic yelling by the road, and came out to discover that a kid had been struck by a car crossing from the beach over to the sidewalk where I had seen the centaur. The family was much too shaken up for me to talk with them, and the boy had been killed instantly, so I won’t know if he saw something, but it is a very odd coincidence, if that.

I’ve just started trying to recontact my friends to see if they saw the same creature as I, or if we all saw our own version of what we thought the devil looked like, as we didn’t discuss it in detail at the time.” –

A few years ago, there were Centaur-like sightings in the Cree Nation of Alberta, Canada:

“There is definitely a growing phenomena up here in Alberta, Canada. Specifically, the location is better known as Hobbema, a place comprised of 4 distinct Cree Indian reservations. These sightings I speak of occur on the Samson Cree reserve, in and around the high school area.

When I first heard about it, I was skeptical and proceeded to tease my friends, thinking they were trying to pull to wool over my eyes. They were neither insulted nor deterred from sharing with me that in conjunction with their own personal experiences, there is an actual video tape of this “centaur” creating violent havoc inside the school in a hallway near a main exit. Other stories they shared have to do with sightings at night, where the centaur actually chases them or appears suddenly out of nowhere.

It is far to easy to pass this off as “something in the water,” for the Hobbema Cree peoples of this area have experienced generations of trauma. The brief history of this location has everything to do with the discovery of rich deposits of oil in the middle of the 1900’s. Once harvested, the residents of this area became incredibly rich. However, due to the lack of a holistic education, and decades of dysfunction throughout the community wrought by the Canadian government and the Churches, the locals were unable to fathom and properly adjust to their fortune to the fullest extent.

This resulted in various forms of chaos throughout the later part of the century, for the oil royalties were distributed to every reserve member, and their children as well when they turned 18. The mortality rate increased over time in this area, most due to suicide and murder. Today, we see an entire generation of youth, that have completely bought into the ghettoization of their communities and are largely atheist.

In regards to the phenomena of the centaur sightings, it is known throughout the remaining Spiritual community of this area that these “beings” are making themselves known because in the eyes of the youth, there is nothing to believe in anymore. Sightings as such are creating panic and fear, and the phenomena has therefore become demonized by word of mouth.

I am not a community member of this area. Nor have I seen or witnessed anything of the like. However, I have heard this from more than one person from that area and at this stage, I cannot write it off to just coincidence. When I heard of this website, and the kind of work being conducted in communities across the United States, I realized I had to submit something herein in the hopes of generating interest, and hopefully to come across someone else that believes in something of this sort.” –

Then there was this follow-up to the post:

“I have heard of many stories like this in First Nation reserves in Saskatchewan. I actually have heard of one in Cotes FN, Kawcatoose FN, Kamsack area and in 2003 there was the sighting of a Centaur at Standing Buffalo’s FN Pow Wow. I think that it appears to people to tell others that there’s something wrong. That there is something wrong in the community. Maybe black magic? We all know as native people that there native people who do practice the bad ways. Sure, there are the good ways but on the other hand so is the dark ways. Personally, I think that when native people practice these dark ways that this centaur or thing will appear to help those ones that practice such bad practices. This thing helps them. I have heard so many stories of this centaur. the most famous one is the sighting at Standing Buffalo powwow. I do not know what the Elders did over there. One Elder had to have a special ceremony and singers were requested from far away to help in the ceremony. The singers who were traveling from far away could sense this evil thing and one singer actually turned around and didn’t attend the ceremony because he was afraid. The spirits were afraid of the old man conducting the ceremony. But the spirits helped by taking that evil thing centaur and banishing it to the pits of the mountains. I know there are a lot of native people who have heard such stories and I am curious to know what did their Elders do in such circumstances?” –

The following video capture from a displaced trail cam was sent to me in the summer of 2011 from a resident in York County, PA. The witness set out the trail cams after observing a ‘centaur-like’ being in the woods around their home:

DSThere has not been an identification to date. The witness has not captured further evidence.

NOTE: Are there Centaurs or similar creatures roaming North America? I’d been interested in your comments and/or evidence that you may have. Thanks. Lon


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