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Annabelle Rama thanks supporters

December 4, 2022 Hector Lawas 249 views

THE camp of talent manager Annabelle Rama-Gutierrez has welcomed a Department of Justice (DOJ) resolution granting the former actress’ petition for review in the cyber libel case filed against her.

“In the end, Tita Annabelle would like to thank all the people who prayed, supported and believed in her while these cases were being filed against her. She was all over the news when this case was filed against her. The dismissal of these cases is a VERY GOOD news for her,” Atty. Marie Glen “Maggie” Abraham-Garduque, Rama-Gutierrez’s counsel, said in a statement.

Meanwhile, Abraham-Garduque disclosed that Rama-Gutierrez’s own cyber libel case against former actor and producer Jake Joson is still pending before a court in Quezon City.

“As regards the case in Quezon City, wherein Tita Annabelle is the complainant in her cyber libel case against Mr. Joson, she already testified in that case and we will present our last witness na on the next hearing,” Abraham-Garduque said.

The DOJ came up with a resolution granting Rama-Gutierrez’s petition for review assailing the March 30, 2022 resolution of the Las Piñas City Prosecutor’s Office, which found probable cause against her.

In granting Rama-Gutierrez’s petition for review, the DOJ resolution stated that” the elements of cyber libel have not been fully met and venue have been improperly laid. “