Angeli topbills Vivamax erotic drama

February 1, 2022 Ian F. Fariñas 2121 views

Be like a moth to the flame and get attracted to the heat of the fire as we take a peek on the lustful world of Silip sa Apoy, now streaming on Vivamax.

It’s only the first quarter of the year yet Vivamax is about to showcase another controversial Vivamax Original Movie with Silip sa Apoy, an erotic drama starring Vivamax’s K-Krush, Angeli Khang.

Emma (Angeli), a young woman tired of living with her alcoholic husband, Ben (Sid Lucero), who becomes violent whenever he’s drunk, finds a knight in shining armor in Alfred (Paolo Gumabao).

Alfred is their new neighbor. Every night, he peeps through the holes of the wall and witnesses the marital abuse.

Alfred and Emma eventually fall for each other and have a secret relationship. Alfred promises they would run away together to escape the wrath and violence of Ben, giving Emma hope to finally have the freedom she’s been longing for.

Fresh from her successful Vivamax Originals last 2021 (Taya, Mahjong Nights and Eva), K-Krush Angeli is set to spice up 2022 with her angelic face, sexy body and brave acting.

Produced by Viva Films, the movie is created by two of the most respected and well-known writer and director in the country.

Silip sa Apoy is directed by FAMAS nominee McArthur Alejandre, the director who brought us several Filipino movies like In Your Eyes and 2021’s My Husband, My Lover. The film is written by award-winning writer Ricky Lee.

Take a peek and watch yourself drawn into the dangerous yet alluring story of Silip sa Apoy now showing on Vivamax.