Angela supports sisters Stefanie and Micaella, wants to work with Angeli

November 22, 2022 Mario Bautista 1650 views


CURRENTLY working with Vivamax are three nubile sisters who are all just too willing and able to disrobe and do hot love scenes before the camera: Angela Morena, Stefanie Raz and Micaella Raz.

They’re the nieces of former sexpot Lara Morena. Angela is the eldest at 23 and she took the family name of her Auntie Lara, while Stefanie and Micaella chose to retain their real family name.

Micaella is the youngest and she is now being launched solo playing the title role in “Bata Pa si Sabel” as a young bride raped by three men on her wedding night. Her husband is also killed so she vows to take revenge on their tormentors. Her sisters Angela and Stefanie also appear in the movie, playing supporting roles, to show their full support for her in her bid for solo stardom.

“I really appreciate the efforts of my sister to help me,” says Micaella. “Lalo na ang ate kong si Angela, kasi nagbibida na siya but she just plays a supporting role here just to help me. We shot the movie on location in Mindoro and we really had fun being together kasi the place where we stayed was near the beach, so para lang kaming nagbabakasyon.”

Angela has been launched in “Tubero” but now she’s back playing a supporting role in “Bata Pa si Sabel”. “Actually, mas naunang i-shoot itong ‘Bata Pa si Sabel’ pero mas una lang naipalabas ang ‘Tubero’,” says Angela. “But I don’t really mind switching from lead to supporting roles. In ‘Alapaap’, I also play a supporting role as a native girl in Mindoro who lead actor Josef Elizalde hires to be part of the documentary they’re filming there. Okay lang naman.”

Both “Alapaap” and “Bata Pa si Sabel” were made with Brillante Mendoza as creative producer and everyone knows he doesn’t use a full script in his films. So how is it?

“It’s more challenging to do films with scripts like ‘Tubero’ kasi you have to follow the script, sequence by sequence,” she says. “In ‘Alapaap’ and ‘Bata Pa si Sabel’, mas nalalaro ko ang character ko kasi nga we just get instructions on the set dahil walang script. Nakakapagod din, pero I’m glad kasi mas nahahasa ang pagiging aktor ko as you have to rely on your own resources.”

She is doing one movie after another, isn’t it quite tiring? “It is, pero kahit pagod ako, I’m happy and grateful dahil tuluy-tuloy lang ang trabaho ko. So you just have to take good care of yourself and make sure you also get some rest para hindi ka magkakasakit sa sunod-sunod na trabaho.”

She’s one actress who’s game doing love scenes with both male and female partners. “Okay lang naman basta on a purely professional level, kay lalaki man o babae ang ka-love scene ko. I did girl-to-girl love scenes in ‘Kinsenas Katapusan’ and ‘X Deal 2’ and it’s just fine with me.”

If she’d do another girl-to-girl bedscene, who would she like to be her partner? “I’d like to try Angeli Khang. Everyone says magaling siyang umarte so I’d like to act with her kasi I’m sure macha-challenge ako to give my best when I’m doing a scene with her.”

How about among the Vivamax leading men, who would she like to do a bedscene with? “I’m not really choosy. Basta bahala na ang Viva kung sino ang ipapareha nila sa akin. Ang mahalaga lang, ‘yung professional siya and won’t take advantage.”

It’s good her boyfriend doesn’t get jealous when she does love scenes with various guys? “Ay, wala po akong boyfriend. I’m just concentrating on my career and I’m taking online classes para makatapos ako ng pag-aaral.”