An expected ‘alliance’ that would doom Robredo

January 31, 2022 Paul M. Gutierrez 172 views

PaulTHE latest news that after all the bickering, 1Sambayan and the Makabayan have allied together to support the presidential ambition of Vice President Leni Robredo is, for those in the know, actually “old news.”

1Sambayan was formed in March 2021 purposely as an electoral opposition to Pres. Duterte for the May 9 elections this year centered on Robredo, now the Liberal Party’s (LP) “disente” and “democracy” icon after the death of the Aquinos—Ninoy, Cory and Noynoy.

Composed of pro-US personalities and representatives of oligarchic and elite interests and with most of them the ‘has-been’ officials from the discredited ‘Yellow’ regime of Pres. Noynoy Aquino, they have been earnest and sincere in their efforts to discredit and bring down the administration of Pres. Duterte since Day One of his presidency. With his foul mouth and abrasive personality, and in their rightful arrogance, they see him as wholly “unfit” to be called, “honorable” and yes, “president.”

Makabayan, of course, has long been identified with the Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP); the organizations that composed it—Bayan Muna, COURAGE, ACT, LFS, Anakpawis, Kabataan, etc., — were among those named by CPP founder Jose Maria Sison as far back as 1987, as among those that composed the CPP’s ‘legal democratic forces’ in the Philippines. Their “main task” is to “advance” the CPP’s armed struggle by exploiting the available “democratic space” entering Congress, the Cabinet, etc., so they can subvert the government from within and yes, creating political “alliances” that would also give them “respectability” and political credibility before the electorate.

If the long history of the CPP and its front groups show they are guided only by one “principle” — political opportunism– the same can be said of 1Sambayan and all other political opposition groups who grew up feeding on the “legacy” of Ninoy Aquino and his brand of politics.

As the supreme political opportunist, Ninoy helped in the founding of the CPP and its armed thug, the New People’s Army (NPA) in the late ‘60s, believing that arming the Reds (and the Moros too) can help him become president after Marcos under a “coalition government” that he would head.

If their “idol,” Ninoy, did it—go in bed with terrorists– why can’t they, seems to be the argument running through the minds of those who came after him at the LP and in the mainstream political opposition, during and after the Marcos years.

Indeed, when 1Sambayan was formed last March 2021 Makabayan was already with them. The sore point coming out only when Robredo, aware of how just discredited the LP has become, dumped the “Yellow” color in favor of the “Pink” color. She also came out with the list of her Senate bets that does not include Makabayan’s Senate candidates, Neri Colmenares and Elmer Labog.

But clearly, some powerful forces “intervened” that everything has been sorted out: in exchange for full CPP support thru the Makabayan, Colmenares has been included in 1Sambayan’s Senate list that Robredo, lacking any political clout or machinery of her own, would have no choice but to accept.

Of course, the only “problem” remaining for Robredo is that most Filipinos are now fully aware of the true character of Makabayan and whose interests 1Sambayan actually represents.

If Madam Leni does not know it yet, most Filipinos are already repelled by her pronouncement that she would revive peace talks with the CPP should she become president.

Wow! Her government would be giving legitimacy to a terrorist movement that has infested the country for 54 years now and included in the terrorist list of even our major partners like the US and EU? Who would not be repelled by it?

Most Filipinos too, continue to suffer from the systematic exploitation they have been receiving in the hands of the oligarchs and the elites since Pres. Marcos was illegally removed in 1986 after control and ownership of state-owned and strategic industries were given to them by the Aquinos and the Yellows– water, electricity, telecoms, expressways, etc.

Has it not entered the mind of Madam Leni that with 1Sambayan and Makabayan joining hands for her, Filipinos would be dumbed 100 times over if they still elect her as president?

Yours truly boldly predicts that this is one alliance that is sure to doom her candidacy. And you can take that to the bank.