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Season 1

S01E01 Dead Man Rotting

October 12, 2018
Travel + Escape

High school sweethearts Maria and Garret land jobs at a local hospital as nursing assistants. Three days in the paranormal activity begins. What’s at first a novelty escalates to a final confrontation when a demonic entity follows them home. When nurse Eileen visits her aunt in hospital, she is confronted by a terrifying reality, her aunt is sicker than the doctor’s let on. But nothing prepares her for what she sees next, an evil creature hovering over her aunt’s bed. A husband and wife visit their grandma in her nursing home and stay overnight in one of the facility’s guest rooms. Overcome by the smell of decomposition in the middle of the night, the couple soon finds the odors source – a frightening ghost bent on terror.

S01E02 Faces of Death

October 19, 2018
Travel + Escape

Moving objects, lockers doors that shut themselves, staff stalked by an uncanny presence — something is haunting the 3rd floor of the hospital. As the paranormal incidents escalate, a senior nurse steels her courage as she sets out to face down the unearthly apparition. A director of nursing at a long term care facility witnesses a paraplegic suddenly regain the ability to walk. She soon realizes that what at first appeared miraculous is actually demonic possession. Nicole has a near-death experience when she’s admitted to hospital for severe kidney stones. She wakes up with the ability to see a frightening ghost who manifests his eerie presence by manipulating electricity.

S01E03 Basement Terror

October 26, 2018
Travel + Escape

Lab technician Jessica, working the night shift in the creepy basement of a hospital, is stalked by otherworldly spirits. Locked doors burst open, while others refuse to come unlocked and hundred pound objects are tossed across the room. Things come to a boil when the spirit manifests in the back of her car and offers a dire warning. Hospital volunteer Bettina has a spectacular gift — she can heal the sick. It’s a gift she must use sparingly because healing the sick dwindles her health. Using her gift to rescue a coma patient attracts the attention of a dark entity eager to drain her power and increase his own. A paranormal radio show host wasn’t expecting to have to have emergency surgery. The unexpected escalates when he wakes up in a recovery room populated by angry and aggravated spirits.

S01E04 The Wailing Walls

November 2, 2018
Travel + Escape

Marcy’s thankful that her mom got her a job at a long-term care facility, until she discovers that the creepy old building is home to not just current residents but the ghosts of former ones too. Some of these spirits are disturbing and one is a harbinger of death. An EMT sneaks a visit to her boyfriend at work as he guards a recently decommissioned hospital. She’s scared to death as the nightly rounds include spectral manifestations, the disembodied voice of a crying child and a poltergeist wheelchair. When nurse Sandra starts a new job in a nursing facility she encounters a shadow that follows her everywhere. Her fears escalate when she’s forced to confront a white angel of death, which terrorizes co-workers and patients alike.

S01E05 Elevator From Hell

November 9, 2018
Travel + Escape

Rebecca thought she’d lucked out when she landed a job as a security guard at a reputable hospital. But nobody told her that a creepy ghost child and the disturbing spirit of pregnant woman would share the late-night hallways of this notoriously haunted facility. A pediatric trauma ward nurse discovers a powerful spirit residing deep in the bowels of her hundred-year old hospital. After several confrontations she struggles to determine if it’s a benign former patient, or a sinister presence working to trap the souls of recently deceased children. A young Scottish immigrant reluctantly accepts work at a notorious psychiatric hospital undergoing modernization. The massive renovation disturbs long- dormant spirits, provoking a sequence of paranormal personalities eager to make their disapproval known.

S01E06 A Question of Sanity

November 16, 2018
Travel + Escape

A new nurse’s life is spared when ghost doctor warns her about a violent patient. After surviving the encounter, Nurse Phyllis must fight for another patient’s soul after she’s possessed by a powerful evil presence. Hospice nurse Suzanne denies the existence of the paranormal even after a co-worker admits to seeing spirits in their workplace. Then she finds herself in a tense stand-off with a patient’s ghost as she preps his body for the morgue, forcing her to confront not just the spirit but her disbelief. A man takes a demanding job as a cook in a hospital with a disturbing history. Repeated paranormal encounters with ghostly shadow creatures make him so emotionally and physically drained, he makes a life-changing decision.

S01E07 Maternity Ward Menace

November 24, 2018
Travel + Escape

Sandrea and her team are thrilled to move into stunning new offices. The thrill quickly turns to fear as they’re terrorized by the night-time appearance of the Shadow Man. A formerly dormant clairvoyance rises to the surface as Sandrea attempts to banish the spectral spirit in a final confrontation. Set in the late 1980s a group of construction workers are about to swing the wrecking ball and demolish an outdated hospital. Two men, sent inside to make a final check, hear children. Seeking the kids, they become trapped in a room and unable to open the door as the sound of the wrecking ball gets closer and closer. Lab Technician Donald was a man of science until he began working at a hospital overflowing with paranormal history. A mix of poltergeists, crying ghost babies and the spirit of a dead doctor transform his cynical skepticism into pure belief.

S01E08 Campus Haunting

November 30, 2018
Travel + Escape

When a family takes up residence in an old house on a sprawling hospital campus, each member experiences the inexplicable. The basement door begins to open on its own. Family members see the same spirit, an old lady in white. Events escalate until they’re forced to flee!Melissa, data analyst at a large urban hospital, thrives through her rational approach. Her skepticism about the paranormal is shattered by inexplicable events, escalating to a final confrontation where she’s physically assaulted by the spirit’s rage and is forced to fight back.

S01E09 The Demon Within

December 7, 2018
Travel + Escape

Just before Halloween a man rents the abandoned wing of an operational hospital to turn into a Haunted House exhibit. Just before opening night, the line between make-believe and reality is all but erased when a ghost follows him home and attacks. A nurse finds herself face-to-face with the Angel of Death who she believes is responsible for a series escalating paranormal events centered around a recently deceased patient. The spirit tells her he’s only partly responsible, the rest of the spooky activity was committed by “the others”. An older woman on her deathbed drifts in an out of consciousness. The hospital pastor can give nothing but comfort — until she sees the evil entity lurking above the old woman. Can she win the battle for the patient’s soul?

S01E10 Christmas Terror

December 28, 2018
Travel + Escape

Nurse Tania is ecstatic to accept a job at the same hospital where she originally did her nurse’s training. The homecoming is a dream come true – except on her first week back it turns into a nightmare when threatening ghosts begin watching her every move. Returning from the war in Afghanistan a man accepts a job as a hospital janitor. Soon after his grandfather’s death the veteran begins experiencing an escalating sequence of inexplicable events in the MRI lab. A nurse working alone on the graveyard shift is shaken to the core when she discovers a ghostly visitor inside a room where her favorite patient has recently passed.

S01E11 Beyond the Battlefield

January 4, 2019
Travel + Escape

An aspiring nurse saves money for college by working as a Certified Nurse’s Assistant. Relegated to a ward the other nurses call “The Twilight Zone,” she becomes trapped in a room between a dying patient and an angel of death. A young woman visits a creepy old hospital and experiences paranormal events on two separate occasions. The first involves orbs and a ghost who visits her mother’s deathbed-in the second experience she’s becomes the patient, and she ends up sharing a room with a bloody faced apparition. A military x-ray technician in Iraq watches as his best friend walks into the hospital morgue. His friend is supposed to be station eight hours away at remote base, it’s not until the next day the technician learns the truth about his friend while unloading a truck full of casualties.

S01E12 Body and Spirit

January 11, 2019
Travel + Escape

A Special Constable working the nightshift is called to investigate an alarm in an old nurse’s ward. There he meets an entity that’s desperate to communicate with him…it’s his first encounter in the facility, and it is not his last. A government investigator, who works violent and suspicious death cases, is tormented by disembodied voices along with the spirit of child. While visiting her ailing grandfather, a young girl decides to buy candy from the hospital vending machine. Before her chocolate bar is dispensed, ghostly voices urge her to return to Granddad’s room- when she returns to her grandpa she witnesses haunting events that change her forever.

S01E13 Unwanted Visitors

January 18, 2019
Travel + Escape

Ann takes a job at a small-town hospital. Expecting a slower pace she instead encounters diseased ghosts from the Victorian era. If that weren’t bad enough, Ann soon discovers that a small out of the way room is actually a portal to a terrifying black nebula. When the hospital elevator takes an EMT and her partner to the abandoned and locked off 7th floor, the pair experiences a paranormal awaking of the ghost kind. Nurse Cheyenne works at a newly built hospital with a wing constructed solely to give health care to prisoners from surrounding penitentiaries. She soon feels that something is watching her and hears disembodied whistling in the prison wing, before experiencing a face-to-face showdown with the horrifying ghost that haunts the facility.

Season 2

S02E01 They Have No Eyes, Dark Things and Celebration of Death

January 4, 2020
Travel + Escape

A shadowy specter follows a doctor home, a patient is tormented by evil entities and a swami healer frees a dying woman from the dark forces possessing her.

S02E02 The Possession of Anna, Terror in the Morgue and The Fright Shift

January 11, 2020
Travel + Escape

A social worker battles an evil entity for a young girl’s soul, a security guard encounters a reanimated corpse in a hospital morgue and a rookie nurse hears an ominous call for help from an empty patient room.

S02E03 The Dark Thing, Get Out and The Horror in Room 3

January 18, 2020
Travel + Escape

A teenage girl confronts a malicious entity in the basement of an asylum, a ghostly nurse comforts a man after a terrifying encounter and a psychiatric technician is cornered by a patient more animal than human.

S02E04 Room 13, Voices From the Other Side and The Warning

January 25, 2020
Travel + Escape

A nurse battles to save her patient’s soul from a spider-like entity, a woman is shocked to see two ghostly figures in her dying mother’s room and a paranormal investigator gets a dire warning while exploring a haunted hospital.

S02E05 Annette, The Shadows and The Smoking Man

February 1, 2020
Travel + Escape

A nurse answers the desperate calls of a deceased patient, a sinister spirit feeds off the residents of a senior living facility and a man is attacked by a shadowy entity at a psychiatric hospital.

S02E06 Calls From Beyond, The Grim Reaper and Tagged by a Spirit

February 8, 2020
Travel + Escape

An IT technician receives mysterious phone calls while working the graveyard shift at a hospital, a nurse battles the Grim Reaper to save a patient’s soul and a ghost girl plays deadly games with terminally ill children.

S02E07 The Suicide Room and The Little Boy

February 15, 2020
Travel + Escape

An eerie shadow figure attempts to attach itself to a psychiatric patient, and an ICU nurse faces the wrath of the Grim Reaper.

S02E08 Where There is Smoke, It Moved and Nun So Wicked

February 22, 2020
Travel + Escape

Dark apparitions haunt an abandoned hospital ward, a morgue attendant is confronted by the angry ghost of a car accident victim and a young mother has a terrifying encounter with two mysterious nuns in a century-old hospital.

S02E09 Kill the Lights, The Wrong Floor and Phantom Fall

February 29, 2020
Travel + Escape

A mysterious ghost girl follows a nurse home, a security guard discovers he is not alone at an abandoned hospital and an oncology nurse see glowing orbs and shadowy hooded figures while working at a city hospital.

S02E10 Cruel Nurse and Frozen Over

March 7, 2020
Travel + Escape

For rookie nursing assistant Erin Minyard, working at a hospital is a childhood dream come true, until she sees her patients being attacked by what seems to be the spirit of an evil ex-nurse, conducting a reign of terror over the hospital.

S02E11 The Curse of Hallows’ Eve, Room 24 and The Coal Miner’s Ghost

March 14, 2020
Travel + Escape

A demonic entity pushes a security guard to the brink of insanity, hostile spirits harass a hospital worker and the ghost of a coal miner haunts a long-abandoned basement room.

S02E12 Evil in the Attic, Hell Breaks Loose and Help Me!

March 21, 2020
Travel + Escape

A dark presence attacks a security guard at an old psychiatric facility; a hospital receptionist has a run-in with a mysterious entity; and a doctor encounters a disturbing apparition while working the night shift.

S02E13 From the Morgue and Obsession

March 28, 2020
Travel + Escape

A forensic technician is horrified to discover the dead have followed him home from the morgue. A caretaker develops an unhealthy obsession with an abandoned hospital after a terrifying brush with the paranormal.

Season 3

S03E01 Dance Of Death, The Feeder and Swept Away

March 10, 2021
Travel Channel

The ghost of a young man who died while fighting for social justice returns to seek closure, a near death experience opens a patient up to the paranormal and a pregnant woman encounters the spirits of a mother and baby at the hospital.

S03E02 Soul Taker, The Iron Lu

March 18, 2021
Travel Channel

A personal support worker is stalked by an entity; a nurse encounters the tormented soul of a nun.

S03E03 Child’s Play, Phantom Playmate and the Terror Twins

March 24, 2021
Travel Channel

Child’s Play, Phantom Playmate and the Terror Twins

S03E04 A Spiteful Spirit, and The Portal

March 31, 2021
Travel Channel

The demonic product of an exorcism plagues a nurse throughout the hospital, and a long-term care worker discovers an evil portal to the other side within the facility.

S03E05 The Hand of Death, The Restless Dead, and The Ghost in the Picture

April 7, 2021
Travel Channel

A woman and her brother are chased from an abandoned hospital by a terrifying ghost; a recreational therapist learns the dark history of his land; a nurse bears witness to a spirit that proves there is love and life after death.

S03E06 The Graveyard Shift, The Bridge, The Other Side

April 14, 2021
Travel Channel

A demonic entity stalks a support worker throughout the night shift; the ghost of a hospital patient tries to send a message to a police officer; a patient awakens to find the hospital has entered a different dimension.

S03E07 Pushing Back, Three Strikes and I’m Out, This Room is Taken

April 21, 2021
Travel Channel

A nurse is tormented in her new home by the spirit of the previous owner; a hospital security guard encounters strange and terrifying entities night after night; an EMT falls ill only to have terrifying paranormal encounters during her hospital stay.

S03E08 Reckless Thrills, Shadow Demon

April 28, 2021
Travel Channel

A nurse and her friends get more than they bargained for when they seek thrills in an abandoned hospital on Halloween night; a harried doctor is desperate for an end to his years-long string of paranormal encounters.

S03E09 The Woman in White, The Burnt Man, The Harbingers

May 5, 2021
Travel Channel

An EMT finds that her patient has ghostly company; a hospital pharmacy technician’s family is burdened with a dark entity; a volunteer during the COVID-19 crisis is faced with the presence of death and spirits.

S03E10 From the Other Side: Mikey Thomson

May 12, 2021
Travel Channel

A nurse’s daughter has a near-death accident and when she is brought home from the hospital she brings a parasitic entity with her, and an eye doctor is driven to the brink by an aggressive spirit that stalks him.

S03E11 The Angry Chef

May 19, 2021
Travel Channel

A janitor is attacked by the territorial ghost of a hospital cook. A hospice worker is driven away by her patient’s dead sister. A data analyst must find a way to protect herself from the dark entities that haunt the halls of a hospital.

S03E12 It Followed Me Home

July 9, 2021
Travel Channel

A woman is stalked by an aggressive male entity she met on the other side after a near-death experience. Ghostly nuns terrorize a housekeeper at a Catholic hospital. An EMT comes face-to-face with demonic possession as he rushes a patient to the hospital.

S03E13 The Guilt That Haunts Us

July 16, 2021
Travel Channel

A hospital cook’s excitement about her new job turns to terror when she encounters pure evil in the basement. A caseworker is frightened as a guilt-ridden ghost engulfs a group home for youth in dark energy.