Alamat grows stronger with new single ‘kasmala’

July 15, 2021 People's Journal 1948 views

THE boys of Alamat are starting to heat up.

With the success of their debut single “kbye” now neatly tucked under their proverbial belts, members Taneo, Jao, Mo, Tomas, Valfer, R-Ji, Gami and Alas are ready to level up with the release of their new single titled “kasmala.”


“kasmala” is a disjointed word play on the Tagalog word ‘malakas’ which means strong.

This 8-member Pinoy pop group have kept busy and have been working hard since their debut early this year. Besides breaking the million-stream mark on YouTube with their “kbye” music video, Alamat has achieved a notable career milestone impressive for such a young act.

Alamat has the distinction of being the fastest OPM act to break into Billboard’s Next Big Thing charts with their impressive top 2 debut. Currently, it is the highest chart position for a new Pinoy act. Alamat has also impressed music tastemakers with their modern R&B tinged dance pop sound mixed with a style that is distinctly rooted in Filipino aesthetics.

For their brand-new single “kasmala,” Alamat has raised the stakes sonically. To keep up with the times, their new song is produced by a Swiss music production team called The Kennel. Viva Records tapped the Stockholm-based music team described as “one of the most successful independent music publishers, having written and produced music more than a hundred No. 1 chart hits.” And of course, in typical Alamat fashion of highlighting proudly Pinoy, writing the lyrics for “kasmala” is ace songwriter Thyro Alfaro. Essentially, the new single is a collaborative mix between the Swedish music production outfit and Filipino musicians and songwriters.

A Viva Records exec describes it as “Top caliber music production used by K-pop acts meets the best Pinoy lyricist of his generation. And throw in a talented, disciplined, stylish and good-looking act like ALAMAT, it’s a dynamite mix!”

Thematically, “kasmala” champions the indomitable Pinoy spirit.

According to Ninuno Media’s creative director Jason Paul Laxamana, the new song bears a strong message. He said that Filipinos have always been strong in the face of diversity. That the song “kasmala” is a reminder for “fellow Filipinos that we, too, have always been subject to hate, dehumanization and prejudice throughout history.” Adding that, in spite of, “We shall not be broken down. We shall persist and continue to thrive. We shall endure. For we are strong. We are “kasmala.”

Weeks before the release of their new single, Alamat’s social media pages have been lit with art-y and stylish photos that took its inspiration from the #StopAsianHate campaign, hence, Laxamana’s comment.

The same teasers, plus the anticipation of the release of their new “kasmala” track and accompanying music video generated so much buzz for Alamat that they broke into Billboard’s Next Big Thing charts days before the new track dropped.

For their part, the boys of Alamat are laser focused on making this outing bigger and better than their first. And in the context of what they’ve achieved already in such a short time, that’s really saying something.

The track “kasmala” is set to be released on July 15 at 6 pm on all music streaming platforms. Likewise, the accompanying music video directed by Jason Paul Laxamana will debut on YouTube the same day.

“kasmala” by Alamat is released by Viva Records.

About Alamat

ALAMAT garnered considerable attention for championing a Pinoy feel to their aesthetic. The 8-member group made it a point to highlight a modern theme that not only highlights several Philippine languages (Tagalog, Ilocano, Kapampangan, Bicolano, Waray-Waray, Hiligaynon, and Bisaya) on their songs, and modern fashion and style aesthetics that is distinctly Pinoy.