Ai-Ai and Claire headline ‘Daig Kayo ng Lola Ko’s’ Christmas special

December 4, 2021 Ian F. Fariñas 258 views

TODAY, December 5, witness how a Santa’s reindeer-in-training reconcile two mortal enemies in the Christmas special of GMA Network’s award-winning weekly magical anthology Daig Kayo ng Lola Ko presents Shoegether Forever.

This episode is topbilled by Comedy Concert Queen Ai-Ai de las Alas as Gigi, Claire Castro as Sola and Dave Bornea as Rudy.

Buko juice vendor Gigi and dermatology clinic owner Sola are always at odds with each other. Gigi always parks her cart in front of Sola’s clinic and refuses to leave because she’s saving up for a ticket so she could come home to her son during Christmas.

One day, Rudy, a reindeer-in-training for Santa’s delivery team, catches the two arguing. With Santa’s blessing, he takes this opportunity to teach them the essence of Christmas.

Using his magic, he caused Gigi and Sola to be stuck together through a magical shoe and the only way for them to be free is if they learn how to truly love each other.

Will Gigi and Sola continue to hate each other or will they learn how to forgive and eventually accept each other? Will they embody the true Christmas spirit?

This Christmas special also features Kim de Leon and Pamela Prinster.

Catch this heartwarming episode of Daig Kayo Ng Lola Ko presents Shoegether Forever – under the helm of director Rico Gutierrez — Sundays, 7 p.m., after 24 Oras on GMA-7.

Viewers abroad can also catch the program via GMA Pinoy TV.