Act Agri-Kaagapay joins Parada ng Kalayaan 2024

June 12, 2024 People's Journal 247 views

THE Act Agri-Kaagapay Organization, a non-government organization that advocates for the welfare of small Filipino farmers, fisherfolks and Indigenous peoples (IPs), joined the “Parada ng Kalayaan 2024” at the Luneta Grandstand as part of the 126th Anniversary of the Proclamation of the Philippine Independence Day.

With more than 800,000 members nationwide, the Act Agri-Kaagapay supports various agricultural programs of President Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr., to boost agricultural production by using organic fertilizers and modern farming equipment and to lower the price of all agricultural products.

Act Agri-Kaagapay founder and president Virginia Ledesma Rodriguez, who continue to visit far-flung provinces and communities to help raise income for small farmers and unemployed rural women through the creation of livelihood programs, such as “Gunting at Suklay” and production of organic fertilizers, will lead the colorful parade.

A known civic leader, Rodriguez is pushing for the construction of more farm to market road for easy access of goods so that farmers will have a direct market to avoid going through middlemen, hence maintaining a fairly reasonable price to the public consumers.

As part of the celebration, Rodriguez expressed grateful and proud because only a few were selected to be part of the Independence Day celebration of Malacañang.

Act Agri-Kaagapay is an NGO composed of experts from academe, scientists, seasoned farmers, local leaders, former government officials, and stakeholders that aim to promote inclusive agricultural growth through clean modernization and industrialization.

The other activities of ACT Agri Kaagapay can be seen in their official Facebook page, Queen Vi Rodriguez.