A new era

May 23, 2022 People's Tonight 158 views

WHEN President-elect Ferdinand “Bongbong” R. Marcos Jr. assumes the premier political post of the land at 12 noon on June 30, the people expect a new dawn for the country.

In fact, the new Chief Executive’s “growing army” of friends, supporters and admirers sees a new era for the Filipino masses not only in the metropolis but throughout the Philippines.

To do this, the administration of the son and namesake of the late President Ferdinand E. Marcos ought to wipe out graft and corruption in government offices and agencies.

Reports said a good portion of the country’s annual national budget goes into the deep pockets of “world-class crooks” in government uniform and their cohorts in the private sector.

Outgoing President Duterte, a former state prosecutor and the first Mindanaoan to occupy the top political post of the land, tried everything to eradicate official corruption.

“Pero talagang napakahirap walisin sa Pilipinas ang mga tiwaling lingkod-bayan, adik at tulak ng mga ipinagbabawal na gamot, at iba pang kriminal,” lamented a barangay official.

Admittedly, this impoverished Southeast Asian nation of English-speaking and election-crazy people is still teeming with corrupt public servants, drug dealers and prohibited drugs.

And more and more Filipinos, many of them jobless, underemployed, farmers, fishermen and ordinary wage earners, are still in the de-energizing grip of grinding poverty.

Thus, it would do well for the new President from Ilocos Norte and Leyte to tap the services of dedicated Filipino leaders to help him in running the affairs of the government.

Certainly, we share the view of many quarters, including civic leaders, that there is an oversupply of well-meaning, hard-working and honest people across the country.

Ang kailangan lang siguro ay mabigyan sila ng pagkakataong magsilbi sa bayan kahit wala silang malakas na padrino o padrina sa tinatawag na “corridors of political power.”