A multi-pronged way to manage COVID-19

September 19, 2021 Joey C. Papa 408 views

JoeyIT’S been one year and a half since the government declared enhanced community quarantine (ECQ) nationwide but cases have shot up to more than 20,000 daily due to the Delta variant. The slow rate of vaccination has been a main target for the failure to curb the infection, while lockdowns and varying modes of quarantine and continuing reminders to use face masks and face shields and observe physical or social distancing have not significantly reduced infection.

On the other hand, several doctors have been trying to communicate to the authorities and the public that the approach should not be vaccine-centric but that it should be multi-pronged, involving the overall strengthening of the immune system to prevent infection, encourage home care for mild and moderate cases, and minimize hospitalization and death.

“God has provided all that we need to address the COVID-19 problem,” said Dr. Joel Lopez, a U.S.-trained integrative physician and certified nutrition specialist. He is referring to the resources around us, much of which we can source from the plants and other natural resources that nourish, strengthen, and keep us healthy.

“Disease is just a manifestation of underlying causes. That’s why, there is a lingering speculation that many of those who were reported to have been infected by COVID-19 but who had co-morbidities, may have died not because of the virus but because of their already existing illnesses,” said Dr. Lopez.

Dr. Allan Landrito, well-known proponent of Ivermectin (IVM), a medicine derived from the soil, has widely vouched for its effectiveness at preventing and healing COVID-19 infection, in tandem with supplements like vitamins C and D3, zinc, melatonin, virgin coconut oil (VCO), and more.

Secretary Fortunato Dela Peña of the Department of Science and Technology said that he personally believes in VCO as an immune system booster and is taking it regularly. The DOST, he added, is now awaiting the analysis on results of trials for VCO as treatment for probable and mild cases of COVID-19.

Three months before the Delta variant started afflicting increasing numbers of people, Dr. Rafael Castillo, a cardiologist and newspaper columnist, had already alerted the Department of Health and the Inter-Agency Task Force on the Management of Emerging Infectious Diseases (IATF) that a variant would emerge in the next three months and that even with vaccination, prophylaxis should continue, as Dr. Lopez also recommend, with IVM, vitamins C and D3, zinc, melatonin, and other things to take and do.

Early detection, de-stress, restoration, regeneration: These are the key words to regaining one’s health, said Dr. Lopez, which is how he deals with his many patients, including well-known personalities and celebrities, in his clinic, the JLopezMD Medispa and Wellness Center (0917-3044-904).That is how we should address the pandemic, he said.