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A challenge to PNP

June 6, 2024 Mario Fetalino Jr. 185 views

THE Philippine National Police (PNP) is doing a great job in performing its mandate to serve and protect the public, according to President Ferdinand R. Marcos Jr.

However, the Chief Executive wants our policemen to go the extra mile.

President Marcos recently directed the PNP to further reduce the crime rate in the country despite the notable decrease in the number of index crimes.

He said the figures on the index crimes are ‘encouraging’.

“Perhaps we can work a little bit doon sa lahat ng figures for those crimes. Well, most of them are going down. Medyo kailangan lang natin tingnan and see what are the underlying reasons na hindi pa masyadong bumababa,” President Marcos said during the 2nd PNP Command Conference in Camp Crame.

For the President, “everything has gone down. While he noted that “theft has gone down, rape has gone down,” he still find rape cases to be high. “Pero mataas pa rin, mataas pa rin ‘yung rape.”

But “at least we can say that we are doing better than we were before,” the President said.

According to the President, it has to be made public that the police force is really helping people. It must be shown that the PNP is doing all it can despite its present limitations.

With regard to fighting cybercrime, the government still has to improve its capabilities. But because of the current deterrence, offenders are being apprehended.

Thus, the President sees the need to “ improve our capability.”

The Chief Executive was appalled to learn the police force has no server. “Kaya’t mahirapan talagang proteksyonan kung hiwa-hiwalay.”

He encouraged the PNP to improve the rate “at which we are able to take the crime, and we are able to prosecute those who are implicated in those crimes.”

Despite the present setup, the President said consolidating PNP data through the use of a central database is needed to enhance security.

Meanwhile, the government is also doing better in the fight against illegal drugs. The President noted the confiscation of 321 tons of illegal narcotics in the first five months of 2024.

In its report to President Marcos during the command conference, the PNP said the number of crimes decreased by 8.264 percent, from 204,557 from July 2022 to May 2023 to 187,652 from July 2023 to May 31, 2024.

Crime solution efficiency also remained relatively stable at the 60 percent mark throughout the nearly two-year period.

In the campaign against illegal drugs, the PNP reported the conduct of 92,904 operations, which led to the arrest of 116,740 individuals and seizure of PhP11.89 billion worth of illegal drugs.

These include 1,213,689.66 grams of shabu; 9,673,808.00 grams of dried marijuana leaves; and 7,818.323 grams of marijuana plants.

The PNP also reported successes in the campaign against cybercrime. It said 421 entrapment operations were conducted; and 13 search warrants were served. Further, 548 warrants of arrest, and 53 warrants to search, seize, and examine computer data were made.

Those operations led to the arrest of 1,370 individuals; rescue of 4,157 victims; and filing of 1,975 cases in court.

Congrats PNP!


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